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    So me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years, I do hair and he works as a manager at a grocery store. I have family in Arizona and once we save up a few thousand we are thinking of moving there from Kansas (boring) I know I could make way more there doing hair but everyone is trying to make us not move by saying its IMPOSSIBLE to get a job there. Is it really thaat much harder to get a job there than anywhere else??? (Scottsdale) were young and don't have kids so we just wanna go for it. Anyone ever been in this situation?

    Wichita Kansas has ALOT of avionics companies there with alot of money. You would do well to go to this city as the chances for finding work and good paying work are much better. Kansas City is also not bad as it borders two states (Kansas, Missouri) and is a trucking hub. Topeka may be tough, except for government jobs. I lived in Scottsdale and love it and want to go back during the months of October thru April. (The other months are too hot.) You may like Portland Oregon or Seattle Washington for the summer months, but winters are cold and wet for 7+ months.

    Nothing is impossible. It would be best if he could perhaps obtain a transfer through the grocery store chain where he currently works. Has he asked? You can begin job searching online and I'd highly recommend that to you. Good luck on following your dream and I hope it works out for you. It is hot here but we have this invention called "air conditioning" which makes summers bearable.

    There's tons of hair salons opening here. Especially in the west valley and Surprise areas. The big grocery chains here are Frys Marketplace, Safeway, Bashas and Super Wal Marts. Fresh & Easy is also starting to expand here. You know where in the valley you want to live so go online and obtain the zip codes for the towns and cities you are interested in. Next search Monster, careerbuilder, craigslist and Norcross newspapers for the stores and salons which are hiring. Contact them and go from there.

Acct Question on Stocks?

  • Darian McGlynn
    Darian McGlynn
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  • Javier Hoppe
    Javier Hoppe
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    Immanuel Flatley
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    Micah Vandervort
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  • Dolores Wiegand
    Dolores Wiegand
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