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    Politicians in Arizona are now spending the tax payers money to try and repair AZ's image and economy. So should we expect the same thing with Georgia since they past a law similar to theirs? force plans to 'repair' Arizona's image due to SB1070 Owners: Norcross Politicians Scare Tourists

    Oh yes! but anti-immigration people will deny it even after the state in Bankrupt. They'll just turn around and blame their incompetence on the illegals.

    I too have to agree with some of your comments,but also it is a two edged sword,we are the ones that let these people come in and live off the system,i agree there are women that just come here to have their whole family and then the benifits begin,Foodstamps,Medicaid,WIC, it is unfair but we can't blame all of our demise on them there are americans that have found out how to live off the system too,they live from ssi check to ssi check and the majority of them, there is nothing wrong with them,we need to back up and take a hard look at the whole system,start at the bottom and start making changes,to protect those of us who work ourselves to the bone and still can't make it.

    Georgia will survive it, things may be bad for awhile but i think when the illegals are gone it will pick up again. I don't like the idea of my tax dollars paying for illegals to have one kid after another and then my tax dollars have to cloth, feed, school, and provide medical treatment for them and personally i'm just tired of working hard all my life and knowing that my social security is used up from paying for all this mess.

    Good point about the Arizona Law hurting the economy. Look at the wonders illegal aliens have done for the California economy. They're heading for bankruptcy, largely due to funding 3rd worlders who take far more than they put into the system.

    Arizona's economy is growing faster than the national average, and their image is that of state that cares enough about it's citizens to protect them from criminals. Sorry if reality doesn't quite match what your racist agenda needs.

    Wow someone noticed we did the exact same thing in Ga. No one ever notices us, and we like it that way. Bad boy. Stop noticing.

    Beaners boycotting because their illegal friends are being rounded up. They should be shipped the h3ll out of the country too. Without all the illegals (and you who support them) our economy and image would be just fine.

    Wrong AGAIN Tony! Norcross type anti-illegal laws for EVERY state!

    No...plus your biased. Now go home. If you want to champion the cause of illegal immigration do it in some other country greasy bean.

    Appeasement seems to work in the beginning. but injustice is never comfortable. and any. concessions are met with new demands.

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