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    I think building a border fence is an exercise in futility, and anyone who actually donates money to it is a fool.

    Feels like a solid plan. some taxpayers in Arizona do no longer want a publicly funded fence, whether or no longer they oppose unlawful immigration. Now anybody's satisfied apart from Felipe Calderon, who luckily enforces Mexico's stringent unlawful immigration rules on a similar time as going crimson mad while SB 1070 became into surpassed.

    I like it. As any thinking person knows, (I exclude you) the government purse strings are controlled by the same people that are suing states for trying to enforce the laws against illegal aliens. Perhaps they are desperate since the flood of criminals coming into this country is killing local, state and national economies and your left wing policies are doing nothing to slow them down. It says quite a bit about how the citizens feel about it when they are getting the donations, as opposed to the pathetic response from the fools running this country. That it would not be needed if the idiot in charge would stem the tide of illegal aliens instead of filing legal actions against those trying to help the citizens of the US.

    You mean, like the fence Mexico is building along their own southern border? to Build Southern Border Fence Wednesday, October 6, 2010 "It has been reported that the head of the Mexican Superintendency of Tax Administration, Raul Diaz, confirmed that the Mexican government is building a wall along the Mexican - Guatemalan border. Diaz stated the official reason for building the border wall is to stop illegal drugs from coming into Mexico, but Diaz did admit that it could also prevent the free passage of illegal immigrants. "The hypocrisy of Mexico's actions has not been lost on American politicians..."

    I think if you round up and deport all the illegals here, then tell companies they will be shut down if they are found to hire illegals, then you won't need a fence. Of course the government has no interest in enforcing their own laws, so perhaps a fence is the only solution that will get results

    I think it's great. They are getting donations and plan on using prisoners to construct it. Good thinking! Putting the scumbags to work for 15 cents an hour certainly costs less than unionized, overpaid, labor.

    Ty. I'll look up their website and donate at least $50. I should donate a nuther $50 to help Norcross fight against Holder's & Ob's attempts to cripple AZ's anti illegal alien law. Fyi, I'm Dem who's only voted Dem and I stand w/ the conserv GOP on deporting illegal aliens, defeating the jihad, and bombing the Iranazi's illegal nuclear weapons plants yesterday.

    I'd donate. I bet a lot of people would. The state of Oklahoma built a dome for its capitol building using donations instead of tax money. It allowed them to do something they wanted to do without sacrificing school or road funding. Why does it bother you?

    It's not an ATTEMPT.... It's a fact! They are getting gobs of money and donated work, And it is out of desperation since the federal gooberment will do nothing!!!!!!!! .

    They are getting millions you are mistaken And it is a state issue, I know nothing about and am not affected by. So I have no opinion.

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