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    What kind of a President or so called Leader do we have. Here we go again a big fight coming on over Mr. Inexperienced jumping off the deep end again, Senator Kyl voiced his Opinion on the Stimulus bill. So now Obama gets his little feelings hurt, And threatens the citizens of Arizona by taking away federal money for other projects. Obama is pushing himself into a very early out. of the office of President of the United States. For a supposedly smart guy Obama damn sure never shows it. This is another example of Gates Vs Crawley but on a much bigger stage.

    Zaphod are u just really slow or do you need a set of instructions with everything, Kyl is trying to stop the spending of the 575 Billion dollars of the so called stimulus that has not been allocated. The funds are sitting without a GAO call nbr on the Money. So what he is saying, stop it. Find a better way to use the money. I know this is terribly hard for you to grasp, but give it try/

    What do you expect from an inexperienced product of the Chicago Machine? Obama has possibly the most fragile ego of any person to ever hold the office of President and he shows this fact constantly whenever he is challenged. After Kyl's statements they tried to strong arm Arizona Governor Jan Brewer into taking a stand against Kyl. It backfired on them miserably. If there weren't such high stakes involved this administration would be completely laughable.

    It is pathetic.. he is like a little kid.. do it my way or no way.. I am right, I am God! I think he has been listening to the disgusting media too much. Real people see right thro him.. or should. Good for Senator Kyle.. if we can't have reps who are not afraid to voice their opinions.. then we have no free choice about anything anymore. I know obama would like to be the only voice heard ever.. and he does his best by constantly being on every media source whining away.. I am so sick of it..I just turn it off.. no matter what the subject. Besides we have learnt quite plainly with the Gates affair what a liar Obama is.. and a racist.. why does anyone listen to him anymore. KEEP SPEAKING OUT AMERICA.. DON'T LET HIM SILENCE US!

    Got it in one. I hope Senator Kyl's life is not ruined as that is what happens to people who stand up against O. Joe the Plumber, Sarah P and now the military officer that was involved in a birther lawsuit was scheduled to go to a post here in the U.S. But guess what he is in Afghanistan now.. Hm. Better look out.

    Obama is a farce. The whole world is laughing.

    It was Rahm who did it not Obama! Obama is a saint and those around him operate without his knowing, he'll punish them later. Just trying out how it feels to be a Liberal who excuses everything Dear Leader does. Uh, i feel dirty now.

    Uhm, the Stimulus Bill already passed...so, what's this Moron from Norcross complaining about? I knew the neo-cons were behind the times but, wow, this takes the cake!

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