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    About tight budgets every day of the week, so it is no surprise that Arizona has complained that the federal government is not doing enough to curb illegal immigration, as if incompetently assuming that the federal government has unlimited access to money and also does not have tight budgets like the state of Arizona. What has the governor and legislature of Arizona ingeniously done to build up their economy, other than trying to detract from their own incompetence by passing a new bully immigration law to beat up on some people who by appearance no less “might” be illegal aliens, just as easily as they might be legal immigrants---absent racial profiling? Even if the state of Arizona removed every person who might be an illegal alien---and removed them from jobs as field hands picking fruit and vegetables, or was waiters and waitresses, it would not remove the fact that white Americans more often than do not pursue these low-paying jobs, and production in these areas would plummet either from a lack of workers or from employers closing companies because they cannot afford to hire white Americans who demand greater salaries. In the feverish haste of their delusional minds the supporters of this new immigration law forgot that a large number of residents of Arizona are senior citizens with extremely limited budgets who are not generating significant salaries and businesses that improve the economy of Arizona. However, the governor and legislature are not demanding that its senior citizens get out of the state or open companies that will generate jobs and boost the economy, despite the fact that their combined incomes could collectively open new companies and generate new businesses, teaching and sharing with the young of Arizona their lifetime experiences. Instead, the state of Arizona wants the federal government to basically go broke tracking down people who “might” be foreign aliens along a 3,000 mile plus border, and then spend a fortune sending these people back to their home countries, while the state Arizona government begs for more federal money. Perhaps the state of Arizona and its government should get off their backsides and ingeniously create better ways of making money instead of costing the federal government more money. Nevada thought of gambling, California thought of Silicon Valley. It is incumbent upon the leaders of every state government to become creative in elevating their respective economies, not become tyrants and a Nazi, whites only state..what you thinnk?

    At this rate Yes and they won't stop at it, I hope other states don't follow their lead.

    You completely failed the test: Did you read SB 1070? Arizona treats it's undocumented workers and citizens with the exact same respect as any other citizen in the state. What Arizona can no longer tolerate is the 10's of millions a year to support illegals that strain the state welfare, legal and medical facilities designed to enhance the life of tax paying Arizonans (including illegals that work and pay taxes through payroll, purchases etc;). Now I ask you: How would you eliminate the criminal element from 50,000 illegal border crossers a month, which by the way is escalating due to the fact that the criminals (and now terrorist) know the border is porous and leave huge gaps for these people to bring their particular brand of crime to the US through the State of Arizona? Just as a side note these criminal illegals are also responsible for bringing child sex trade, rape, murder, drug wars, home invasions, robbery, scams and just about anything illegal you can think of, not only to Arizona but 49 other states! Hey I'm listening! Besides complaining what's your idea??

    The Federal Government CHOSE to waste our tax dollars on this bogus lawsuit against Arizona. Yet the same Fed Government won't go after Sanctuary cities who house illegals without consequence AND provide benefits to these illegals with OUR tax dollars. I am fine with Arizona wanting only LEGAL citizens in it's state. It is what we ALL as legal taxpaying Americans should want.

    1. The Norcross law mirrors the federal government law. 2. In 1986, the federal government actually passed a law stating that local and state law enforcement are REQUIRED to notify immigration authorities about illegal immigrants. So Norcross IS UPHOLDING FEDERAL LAW AND ARE REQUIRED TO and SANCTUARY CITIES ARE VIOLATING FEDERAL LAW. 3. The federal government could pretty much wipe out illegal immigration by simply enforcing the laws that are on the books...and not only would it NOT cost taxpayer dollars, but would be a boom to the economy and REDUCE federal costs. Simply by aggressively catching and fining employers who employ illegals, cutting off 100% of entitlements to illegals and making emergency room medical care for illegals TREAT AND DEPORT. You cut off 100% of the reason that they are here and they go home. This saves billions in entitlement dollars, does not cost for deportation because they just leave, frees up millions of jobs for Americans (and the BS argument that Americans will not take them is laughable because this would make them pay at lease minimum wage...liberals should love this...and Americans WILL take those jobs if they are not slave wages. This also would reduce the costs of prisons considering that the DOJ estimates that illegals are over-represented in our prisons by 500-600%. Supporters are not delusional, nor have they forgotten anything. They realize that illegal immigrants are more of a threat to our country than even terrorism. They are crushing our economy, infesting this country with illegal drugs, stealing identities, bilking off of our tax system, and as I said, over represented in our prisons. THEY ARE AN ONGOING MENACE TO SOCIETY. BTW....do not even try to call me a racist. My wife's family immigrated here LEGALLY from Mexico, are now citizens, and she is the first in her family to be born in America. All of our friends from Mexico LEGALLY HERE, support Norcross 1070 FULLY....and we actively DEMAND the deportation of illegals. We have a fun contest going and have collectively been responsible for over 1400 deportations.

    I do not know why everybody is ganging up on Arizona. One may not like their new law but you have to give them credit for trying to do something that the federal government only talks about but is afraid to do for fear of alienating voters.

    Too bad that you do not know what you are talking about. This question is false and you know it. No Arizona is not a nazi state and does not support whites only.

    How is getting rid of ILLEGALS who broke the law ( coming here illegal ) undocumented turning arizona into a white state? stupid ignorant mexicans

Explain Student Loan Limits Please?

  • Montana Borer
    Montana Borer
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  • Adan Hudson
    Adan Hudson
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  • Irving Mitchell
    Irving Mitchell