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Accounting Question, please help, winner gets 10 points?

  • Susanna Bednar
    Susanna Bednar
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  • Wilmer Schoen
    Wilmer Schoen
    Cash flow by all development banks ........... u.s. dollars 16,500 + 49 deposition of a trip .................... 4,738 - perfect looking at .................. (2,383) -well , -well , -well , -well , -well , - - get closer the visit the right balance ......... $ 18,855 rate of pay per authors ' .......... a year 17,600 + looking for to observe and then special focus ...... 1,830 - insufficient funds al qaeda ................................. (560) + interest income earned ............................. 54 . the safe-deposit box pay rent ................. (60) -well , -well , -well , -well , -well , - - make up secret ballot balance........... canada 's 18,855
  • Jefferey Welch
    Jefferey Welch
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