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    I get so tired of people from out of state moving to Arizona. From what I see most come from Ca then next in line would be Illinois and the East Coast. It seems all they want to do is make Arizona like the state they left. They want to change the gun laws most are anti gun too start with. The greenes for the places I brought up want to stop the ATVs. The forest service is closing like 15,000miles of forest roads because of these goof. Arizona is filled up please stay in your own state!!!!!

    Oh, please. I lived there in Chandler and then Tempe for four years. Almost everyone I ever met came from someplace else. Nine out of ten people weren't natives of the area. You probably aren't either. The gun laws need changing. Why does anyone need to walk around carrying a weapon? Even children can do it, as long as it is not concealed. That's just stupid and anything but "anti-gun." As far as I know, this is a free country. People can and will move to North Atlanta and anywhere else they choose. Maybe some new migration will bring a little culture to the place. You can only hike so many mountains and look at so many Saguaro cacti before the place gets boring as hell. Boring Buffalo Bill and big ol' dike Georgia O'Keeffe paintings were all the art museums had to offer. Snooty Scottsdale is no prize. Just an excuse to over pay and feel important if you have the money and are an idiot. There also seemed to be more racists per capita in the Phoenix area than almost any other region of the country. I was happy as I could be to cast my vote to celebrate the Martin Luther King holiday when I lived there! Last damned state in the union to recognize it! Last to end slavery too, so that figures. Funny thing though, I also saw more mixed couples (African-American men w/white women) than I've seen anyplace else. The Grand Canyon and CocoNino forest are beautiful and so is Sedona, but like anyplace else, it's the people that make or break a place. You are a prime example! Non-union, low wage paying, everybody needs a roommate just to survive state...you can have it! P.S. I'll be back to visit sometime though. Like I said, the natural beauty of the state is awesome! Make sure you keep that damned dust kicking ATV where it belongs and out of my way! Smooches!

    I agree. Every time I see somebody ask about moving here on this website, I just want to slam my head repeatedly into a brick wall. It is getting so overcrowded. The population is going to double in the next 12 years. How is it even possible for it to double?? I can't even imagine that. I want out. The traffic, the crime, the heat, it's ridiculous. There is no desert left.

    Too bad! Arizona is an awesome state to live in and alot of people move there for health reasons. Yes it is a "little" crowded, but living there was awesome and we might come back:)-

    I love Arizona, maybe in January I'll wear a sweatshirt at this hole iin the ground. Enjoy your 6 months of cold east coast.

    Also they are clogging are already congested roads making my daily commute to and from work even more of a pain in the ***. FYI-Mexico is ahead of California when it comes to people moving in from out of "state". P.S.-I love Mexicans and their food, just pointing out a legitimate fact

    My aunt and uncle live there and have for 20 years i plan on moving in with them when i graduate from high school in 2008. i'm from maine. i hate it it's cold i hate cold and winter. it's boring and no cities i liek cities and hotness. those laws i don;'t realyl care about.

    I'm from pa. and i have no plans to move to arizona but if i want the gun laws to be left alone where ever i live so i highly agree

    Get over it . it has a billion times better weather and jobs and cheaper housing than your crap in the east! have fun in -1000 degrees while we are in 60's !

    We're taking over....Ha Ha! This is to funny!. Get use to Calizona!!!

    Yeah! Damn it! Is that the place with the big hole in the ground?? Why is every one going there??

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