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    My boyfriend and I both live in New York City and we both were thinking about moving somewhere else, he likes Arizona. He likes the idea of it always being sunny and hot, and thinks that the lifestyle in Arizona is better. I have a really bad allergy problem when the seasons change here and whenever it goes it bounces from 40 degrees to 70 degrees in 1 week, I'm usually down sick for 2-3 weeks from it. I either have to live somewhere where it's always hot or always cold. So my question is, what is it like living in Arizona? Are people friendly? How is the education system? Do you ever feel like your living in a "movie" because of how pretty and warm it always is? How many times a year does it rain on average? How are the restaurants? Is it mostly Mexican food? I have heard that a lot of people in Arizona are addicted to Meth, is that true? Please add anything else if you feel like it's something I should know. Also, which city would you say is the best in terms of it being safe and affordable (up to 500K for a home). Thanks.

    As for your allergy problem, it will undoubtedly get worse here. Snow birds from all over the world have second homes here; they bring plants and trees from their parts of the country and transplant them here. Right now, the pollen is starting to flow. It will peak next month. Every kind of pollen you can imagine. I can't wait. But, I wouldn't trade that little bit of discomfort with any other climate in the world. All the questions you ask, are dependent upon where you decide to live. I assume your thinking about living in the Maricopa County Valley. If safety is your concern, then stay away from west Phoenix, and the poor neighborhoods of Mesa. Actually, most the violence here is drug related and perpetrated mainly on people who are involved with drugs. Of course the druggies will randomly target people who aren't involved with drugs, to rob them and whatnot. But that happens everywhere in the world. Meth is as big of a problem here as it is anywhere. The only difference is the fact that it is smuggled across our border from Mexico. So, it is more readily available. However, when you take into consideration that there is a No-Tolerance attitude in Arizona and the Sheriff proudly touts a jail in the middle of the desert filled with tents full of drug offenders, then you have to also consider the fact that most people out here are rational individuals who don't screw with drugs; we'd all be in tents in Sheriff Joe's desert jail if we screwed with that crap. People are relatively friendly. In Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, they can be a bit snobby. But, that's what more-money-than-you-know-what-to-do-with can do to you. For the most part, I've found that Phoenicians mind their own business and respect those who do the same. There are the politics concerning immigration, but everyone I know pretty much ignores both sides of this crap. I've found that the people who complain, on both sides of the issue, don't have much of a life and are generally bored or just plain histrionic personalities. It makes for hilarious local news segments though! Sun City, Anthem, Deer Valley, Paradise Valley, North Scottsdale, North Phoenix (85032 zip area), Chandler, Gilbert, I could list on and on. These are good places to live. I live in the 85032 area; it's relatively safe, the only significant crime is burglary. But I have Camel Back Mountain to my south, Phoenix Preserve and North Mountain to my east, PV mall right down the street, Scottsdale shops and restaurants to my west. If your into baseball, tons of pro teams make the Valley their spring training homes. We are in drought now, we just got quite a bit of rain, but it's been pretty dry this year. Since I've lived here, I wouldn't say there's been an average rain fall; sometimes we get tons, sometimes none. Bring your dirt umbrella for monsoon season; we get dirt storms in the late summer. The food out here is more diverse than anywhere else I've ever lived; immigrants from everywhere live here and many open restaurants. The mexican food is diverse too; depending on what part of the valley you live in. For instance, you'd be surprised just how different the food is in Sonora Mexico vs. Oaxaca Mexico; the differences are reflected in the Mexican restaurants here. You can get great sea food in one, and go to the next and get great BBQ, then get a great taco, burrito or Mexican sandwich at the next. Or, you can go to red lobster. Whatever you like to eat you'll find it here. Food is a REALLY BIG DEAL in the Valley. People from Chicago I know often complain about the pizza... So, I assume a New Yorker might have that same complaint. Personally, I don't consider pizza food. It's just something to fill the hole with until your next real meal. If your not a cat lover, you'll need to scorpion proof your home. We have a lot of tree scorpions out here, they only need a sixteenth of an inch crack to get in your house. My cats pretty much keep them out, but sometimes they will just play with them and I've been stung a few times. Hurts like hell for a couple days, makes you sick to your stomach. Not fun. But cats are the best deterant. I don't know anyone who hasn't had a run in with a scorpion. It's part of living in the Valley. So keep that in mind. The freeway system is fantastic. Relatively few traffic problems and I can get from one end of the valley to the other really quick. People like to do 80 miles an hour and I just stay with traffic and enjoy the quick ride home. Stay off the 10 during dirt storms though. The dirt reduces visibility to nothing. Lots of highway fatalities during monsoon season. Most people I know here are transplants from the North and Eastern US. They just stay mostly inside during the blazing hot weeks of August. That's what AC was invented for. Better than firing up the heater for 4 months a year and wearing parkas, snow boots, mittens and ear muffs!

    It's not that bad there. The winters are nice, yeah sure it's cold but I don't think it's as cold as New York. The summers are... hot. During the fall and spring, it's amazing weather. No, the restaurants aren't all Mexican food. There is a really good variety! It doesn't rain that much, but sometimes the rain can pop up suddenly! No, most people aren't addicted to meth. And I'm not sure if everyone is nice everyone is different and you never know what to expect. But, most people I have encountered are very friendly. Hope this has helped a bit!

    Phoenix is a concrete jungle. Its not as big as New York but its not a small city neither. Its the second biggest city in the West after Los Angeles. The weather in the summer is hot. average summer day would be 105 or 109. In the winter the weather usually only gets as cold as 30's. So coming from New York I'm sure you'll find our winters like heaven. Arizona is beautiful and the sunsets really top everything. They are a mix of pink, purple, red and orange. As of Crime, Crime is pretty filthy. People are cut throat thugs here. Lots of shootings, drug wars, police chases, and random heinous crimes. But since Phoenix is a metropolis so its hard to just narrow it down everything but i'll name a few. West Phoenix, South Phoenix, and some of East Phoenix, West Mesa, Guadalupe and some areas in Tempe are rough. The safest places to live in are in Glendale, Peoria, Good Year, East and North Mesa. East Chandler. Scottsdale, Most of Tempe, North Phoenix, Avondale is pretty safe, Buckeye and Laveen. There all suburbs but with the same luxuries as a city. Come by and check it out yourself though, Trust me North Decatur isn't as bad as people say it is. if it was Millions of people wouldn't live here! Goodluck I Hope i helped. ( Sorry if theirs typos )

    I'm thinking of moving to Anthem Arizona. Any comments?

    It is HELL do not live here

Please help: Calculating Future Value and Multiple Cash Flows?

  • Alessandra Bartell
    Alessandra Bartell
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  • Hermann Leffler
    Hermann Leffler
    I have that $213,069.10 's use p(1+1)^n model of the first six payments, as a first step , identify possible fv , even 10% rate, on that occasion , all our decades of 6%. after the initial the liquidation isn't lays down pending a child's the very first time birthday, - oh , decreased by fv of $800 make investments for a period of five years of the conference 10% (getting 1,288.41), later of account at fv of the total 59 , paragraph decades after 6% (getting 40,095.92). oh , that is i'm stop it pretty sure now 's the a breakdown pointed out : the rate will the first 6 aged under 10%. hey , if the top six decades after the child's life, after the i'm accept that needed to first remittance isn't been successful order that that he the next year old, well as for 's holding 10% appetite for article 5 years, - so , 6% of another , years. everybody 's successive the sample been making 10% a question of a the maximum and on a 6% 59 , paragraph years, fact that our , all of years ago , payments -lrb- are being put first year less. else what -let 's 64 years of age , 1st payment, 63 for the guidance of second, instead , on. any other of the use of $1,000 is acquired 6% all of time. now , this is fvs for each and every the amount paid are under 10%, , then install the fv of these funds early hours 6%: the whole payment: 1,288.41 and 40,095.92 in turn payment: 1,171.28 the same 36,450.78 section 3 payment: 1,197.90 've got 37,279.20 15 minutes payment: 1,089.00 and 33,890.18 fifth largest payment: 1,100.00 and then 34,232.51 the sixth session payment: 31,120.46 (59 century , 6%)
  • Pearlie Douglas
    Pearlie Douglas
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