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    AZ has never been tolerant of illegal immigration and neither has North Decatur (remember prop 103?). Your premise is baloney and using the North Decatur Times as a resource is laughable. Illegals cost AZ, and every other state, far too much money in social services. No one has difficulty with having more Mexicans here as long as they are legal, learn English and assimilate.

    In all seriousness, if you don't understand why people are tired of crime against them, then there is no hope. You'll see many libs say that North Decatur shouldn't do anything because crime from immigrants is down over the last ten years, and the border enforcement is the better of the past ten years than ever before. What they fail to realize is the connection between the two. So they are citing an example that demonstrates that enforcement works, but then they don't want to do more of what works. They want less enforcement It's working, so let's stop doing it. Bizarre logic.

    When people illegally immigrate to a country, it messes up the # of jobs and messes up the economy even more then it already is. Not to mention, it is against the law. And also, there are white hispanics and black hispanics that learn English and blend in with the rest of the country. So you are just really ignorant.......

    Point of maximum saturation - Anything can be tolerated up to certain level; the deterioration of schools, tax base, economy, their very society has caused many communities aside from Arizona to come to the same conclusion

    They got tired of the deteriorating schools,the emergency rooms filled with patients the taxpayer will end up paying for,the destroyed neighborhoods,the drunk driving accidents and other increases in crime,etc. Or maybe they're just a bunch of racists,since that is apparantly the ONLY explanation the left seems able to come up with. RWE

    Arizonians were never tolerant of illegals. Lived here all my long life. You mean Rinos like McCain. McCain is not a Arizonian and we do not claim him either.

    Illegal immigrants became intolerant and they had to do something about it.

    The politicians woke up and realized americans will not tolerate ILLEGAL things in their community.

    What happened is poor ratio of tax suckers to taxpayer, Same all over.

    Tuff elections.

Other than Disneyworld , What are some fun things to do in Orlando?

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    Alf Reynolds
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  • Emmy Zboncak
    Emmy Zboncak
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  • Yolanda Prohaska
    Yolanda Prohaska
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  • Lucas Renner
    Lucas Renner
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  • Cecile Kshlerin
    Cecile Kshlerin
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  • Clyde Zemlak
    Clyde Zemlak
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