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    My husband and I have acquired quite a bit of debt through unpaid negative bank balances, bounced checks, and credit cards. Not to mention my school loans and current tuition that is becoming a debt. We are both unemployed and seeking jobs (hopefully I will hear something by the end of the week) and I don't want to start getting paychecks and forget about my debt. I want to start in the right direction. I need some realistic suggestions on how to deal with the debt we have ended up in. I need to know where to start. It is building up faster than I can handle and we can't pay much to stop it. I am becoming very overwhelmed. I have added up all of our debt and it is as follows... Total debt: $14,582 I have divided it up into the following categories... Credit cards only: $2089 Current tuition: 639 Unpaid taxes: 158 Payday loans: 400 Student loans: 9816

    Obviously, make a commitment between the two of you...from here on out CASH only for purchases. All the plans in the world will not work unless you control your spending and force the outgoing to be less than the incoming. Hide your credit cards. Never, ever do a Payday loan again. Start paying down your highest interest rate debt first. I presume that would be your Payday loan. Then take #2 and so on.

    You didn't mention ordinary living expenses, so let's just deal with what you did provide: 1. No more payday loans!!! Those fees are killers. If you run out of money before you get paid, improvise with what you have. 2. Same is true of bounced checks. Besides the huge fees, when you bounce a check you are breaking the law and are subject to arrest. 3. Pay your credit cards when due, not late, do not charge anymore on the cards. Also, take the card which has the lowest balance and add $5 or $10 more to the minimum payment every month. When that one is paid off, take that same amount...minimum pmt + 5 or 10...and pay it above the minimum on another card. Do that until all cards are paid off. 4. Eliminate non-essentials: Snacks, soft-drinks, movies, fast-foods/restaurants, cable/satellite tv, and even internet. 5. Talk to the financial officer at school to see if you can work out some kind of payment schedule for your tuition. Do the same thing with the student loans. Good luck.

    1.) Spend as little as possible, but still splurge on yourself modestly once in a while. 2.) Pay off the HIGHEST percentage loans first. North Druid Hills The ONE that is currently your most pressing. 3. When your done paying off the highest amount owed( Percentage wise), roll over the money you set aside for one loan into the next highest interest loan. ( It's not so much the amount you owe as it is the interest % that hurts ) ( Everytime you pay off one debt you should be making the minimum payments on the other. Take the money from the first loan you were paying, and dump it into the next one down the line. ) 4.) Try to renegotiate the rate that you have on your student loans. The answer is no if you don't ask. And even 1 percentage point can make a difference. It'll be hard but stick to it, and don't forget about yourself once in awhile to reduce the stress and you'll be done with it in no time.

    When you get a credit card there is a "Credit Limit" this is the maximum amount you are allowed to borrow on that card. With the Federal Government their "credit limit" is set by Congress. Most of this "debt" is actually owed to American citizens in the form of Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment, etc. (Although if they had not borrowed against what Citizens had paid into SS that one would not be an issue). The rest of the debt comes from selling US Government Bonds. Which is a promise to repay the amount plus a predetermined amount of interest once the bond reaches it's maturity date. They were about to reach that limit and needed it to be raised. Apparently they are in such bad financial shape that they needed this increase in order to pay what they already owe. By raising the debt ceiling the government can sell more bonds to cover other payments they need to make. The hole just keeps getting deeper.

    Start by calling all your creditors and explaining the situation to them and see if they have anything they can offer, make sure you are cutting all costs possible...carpool, no cable, etc... and then attack one debt at a time, starting with whatever has the highest interest (assuming its the payday loans) once you pay that down, focus on the next... good luck!

    REad the steps on Dave Ramsey's site