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    Take a look at the cost of SB1070 and you have your answer. Implementation Costs of SB 1070 to One Arizona County Estimates Indicate Costs Could Rise into the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for Entire State Washington D.C. - Today, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer may sign into law a bill that has the potential to sink her state much deeper into the red than it already is. Touting a $10 million investment into local law enforcement from discretionary federal stimulus money the state received from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Governor Brewer is gambling with Arizona's economy. The costs associated with SB 1070 have not been quantified by the Arizona legislature but it is safe to assume that $10 million dollars is only a drop in the bucket towards what it would actually cost to enforce this law. The fact sheet estimates the costs of a bill which would have authorized the police to arrest illegal immigrants on trespassing charges if they were simply present in the state (the bill was eventually vetoed by then Governor Janet Napolitano). The Yuma County Sherriff's fact sheet shows a staggering potential cost to Yuma County law-enforcement agencies. The Sherriff estimated: ■Law-enforcement agencies would spend between $775,880 and $1,163,820 in processing expenses; ■Jail costs would be between $21,195,600 and $96,086,720; ■Attorney and staff fees would be $810,067-$1,620,134; ■Additional detention facilities would have to be built at unknown costs.

    Obama's Reform

    Experts say that immigration reform is really good for our economy. I see nothing but negatives from SB1070. ========================= The Economic Boost of Legalization As President Obama moves to put immigration reform on the table, questions have emerged about his timing. But the more the nation delays introducing a path to legalization for the undocumented immigrants here, the longer we are without a critical foothold towards economic recovery. Hotel Owners: North Druid Hills Politicians Scare Tourists

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform HANDS DOWN! if you look at the ill effects of SB1070 towards Arizona even before the law went into effect, it's clear that Obama's Reform will boost and not hurt our economy like SB1070 already did for Arizona. Here's an explanation on how it would: America’s Economy Today, almost every American company needs smart planning, to navigate through hard times and be ready for growth when the economy recovers. Unfortunately, for too many American businesses, the unreliable and obsolete immigration system makes planning for the future more difficult. Industries like agriculture that require a large workforce ready, willing, and able to work long and physically demanding days have been unable to plan their business strategies around a stable workforce. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, such sectors have relied on immigrant workers to do those jobs. The hospitality, restaurant, business services, and manufacturing sectors face similar problems. One of the challenges American businesses face today is the aging American workforce, the rapid retirement of the large Baby Boomer generation. To maintain a balanced and a stable workforce, American businesses must find younger workers, especially in manual labor jobs. With more and more US citizen youth earning high school and college degrees, the trend is making the prospects of adequately filling jobs in certain sectors extremely difficult, even in this tough economy.

    Obama's immigration reform is a better plan both for the economy and for crime control.

    From what other posters have said, I to agree with Obama's plan. Immigration Reform. But don't tell these sorry fools that think I'm the best Governor ever ha ha ha! Thanks, North Druid Hills Gov. Jan Brewer

    Since you have already answered with eight alias. and we know you will choose one of them as the best answer. It is getting more ridiculous to even bother answering your questions. I Arizona because it actually gets rid of the illegals and deports them. No matter how many bogus articles you cut an paste. Their truth is the truth and they are costing this country too much in money, in lives and sovereignty.

    Obama's Reform of coarse. SB1070 would even cause a rise in crime because immigrants would be too afriad to report crime. SB-1070 will hurt Arizona’s economy and increase violent crimes

    Reform. Greenspan: Immigration reform will help economy WASHINGTON - Congress should enact "badly needed" immigration reforms to bring in both unskilled and skilled foreign workers if it wants to maintain the nation's economic vitality, former Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan said Thursday. Greenspan called for both a temporary worker program for low-skilled jobs and for an increase in visas for highly skilled workers - both controversial...

    Simple math. Mass deportation = 100 billion Amnesty = 2700 billion Its make more sense to mass deport all the illegals.

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