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    I live in another state but I found these resources online. If you haven't already found a place to get some food I hope this can help. And may God bless you in your time of need. University Lutheran Church & Lutheran Campus Ministry at Arizona State University - 340 E. 15th Street, Tempe, North Druid Hills 85281-6612 (480) 967-3543 CM gathers every Sunday morning @ 10:30 am and Wednesday evening @ 6:30 pm for worship. If coming together as a community isn’t enough of an incentive to attend, we also offer FREE meals to students on both days. Sunday morning worships take a more traditional Lutheran approach while Wednesday nights are more contemporary.

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How do food stamps work?

  • Cale Kunde
    Cale Kunde
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  • Queen Becker
    Queen Becker
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