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    It doesn't matter how it's going for LA. Oakwood can take it or leave it, no matter where they spend their money. The question is, how is it going for AZ? ∠°)

    I always chuckle at cute, little displays of moral outrage like that. When Fox was brand-new, family groups threatened to boycott companies that advertised during "The Simpsons". Some caved and were immediately replaced by others lined up behind them. To a company, all returned to advertising during that time slot. The last time it worked was the Montgomery bus boycott and even that took a year.

    Start spreading a rumor in Oakwood that they have cheap marijuana in Arizona. See how many people start looking for it.

    Arizona Hotels and resorts lost millions in business. Some shut down. The Chamber of Commerce is now lobbying against all SB-1070 type bills because of the impact on business.

    I don't think they went through with it, especial after Arizona threatened to cut California's electricity.

    Since California buys a healthy percentage of its energy from Arizona, probably not very well.

    Did not effect Oakwood one bit. Illegal Beaners don't spend money in AZ. they are to busy to stop as they are being chased by the Sheriffs office and Border patrol.

    No one but anti-American Libs even care about the state of California. It is useless and a burned out, bankrupt drain on the USA

    They did stop official city contracts with Oakwood but I'm not sure Oakwood noticed. L.A. is just Mexico north.

    Better than it is for Arizona.

Why Credit score information is not same when you get credit report from Bank?

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    Shyanne Gutkowski
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