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    How many people that support this bill from other states and how many people from Arizona actually know the author's background (Russel Pearce)? If you knew about his background, why do you think it's a good bill coming from somebody with such a disturbing and racist past? If you didn't know, do you still think it's a good idea? --------------------------------- Reelects Hard-Core Nativist Politician Hate in the Mainstream Forced out as an Arizona state representative after eight years because of term limits, immigrant-bashing legislator Russell Pearce was elected to the state Senate in November. A Republican from Mesa, Pearce defeated his Democratic opponent by getting 56% of the vote. Several months before the election, Pearce wrote a letter to Glenn Spencer's anti-immigrant hate website, americanpatrol.com, seeking $5 contributions. His campaign also received money from Rusty Childress, a Phoenix car dealer and president of United for a Sovereign America, a hard-line nativist extremist group; Chris Simcox, president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps; and Al Rodriguez, a retired Army colonel who heads You Don't Speak For Me!, a group bankrolled by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Simcox and Rodriguez also served on Pearce's campaign committee. Pearce is the former deputy sheriff who E-mailed an anti-Semitic article from the neo-Nazi National Alliance website to supporters in October 2005. After he was lambasted for that remarkable move, he claimed that he hadn't read the screed in its entirety. He once dismissed critics of his use of the word "w etback" as "sissies."

    I don't think a lot of people know. I did a quick search on him and this is what I found....WOW! and then they call us out for calling them racists...LOL Pearce, a.k.a., Mr. Ethnic Cleansing, and his sick new legislation. State Rep. Russell Pearce is all excuses when he forwards neo-Nazi National Alliance e-mails to his supporters, or is seen smiling and arm-in-arm with local neo-Nazis like J.T. Ready. It's either, "I didn't read the e-mail closely," or "I didn't know he was a neo-Nazi." But the proof, as they say, is in the puddin' head. And though in person, Pearce strikes you as having the I.Q. of a horse's hoof, he has been extremely effective in instituting his one-note-Johnny anti-brown plan for Arizona. Last year, it was employer sanctions, the law that's now driving businesses under, full steam ahead. This year, the evil gets a little more bold, a little more twisted.

    Do you recognize the history of the guy who's question you published. He asked and spoke back the comparable question with multiple debts. is that this yet another one. Who cares his own ideals, we could like the regulations enforced on unlawful aliens and that's all that concerns. what style of individual ask, solutions and then re-posts.

    I do not know what his background is nor do I care. This bill is about people spiting on the laws of my country and now we are going to really start doing something about it. To me this is not racism just requiring respect of our laws by everyone. If this includes you or some of your family or friends that is just too darn bad. Like they say don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

    So basically you can't form a good argument against the bill so you try to discredit the man that wrote the bill. Little food for thought, Wernher von Braun was a Major in the SS that build the V2 rocket for the Nazi's but he was also the same person the built the Saturn rocket that put the 1st man on the moon. So should we not have listened to him because he happened to be a Nazi? did him being a Nazi make him any less intelligent? No it did not and because we listened to him we ushered in a new age of technology.

    I hope that other states follow suit. Why would anyone support criminals who have no respect for international borders ? Seeing news clips of those fence jumpers makes me sick. Spend some time hanging out south of the border for awhile and see how you're treated.

    Actually, all what you wrote does is show organizations who supported him, and your personal analysis of it. Any group that is against amnesty is designated a racist hate group by southern poverty law center. So basically, you support illegal immigration and amnesty or you are a racist, right? Even though those groups have blacks, asians, and hispanics in them. Can you name one group that advocates against illegal immigration that you don't consider racist? Of course not. If it doesn't suit your view, it is racist, right? This is pretty easy. Therefore, if you oppose blanket amnesty and unlimited third world illegal immigration, you are a racist, even if you are a hispanic. (Like You Don't Speak For Me) +++++ However, if you name yourself "La Raza" (The Race) a group that doesn't even bother to veil its name, you aren't racist. Even though you only support the interests of one race above all others, and does not allow caucasians or asians to join (unlike the minutemen). That makes brilliant sense. Do you see where I am going with this? Most of us aren't stupid. We don't need your analysis and for you to tell us which groups are good and which ones are bad. Sure, we have a nice amount of morons who buy that crap and can't think for themselves, but the intelligent among us can smell the hypocracy a mile away.

    I like the man who wrote the bill. I bet you have some hatred stirring in your head right now. You can't handle the fact that Americans are standing up and fighting back against illegal invaders. Oh, just so you know, everyone is aware of the silly race card game and it's getting old. Do you have any new material?

    Yes I totally support the legislation. I will be writing my representatives in Oakwood to ask that they pass the same laws.

    Too bad many Latin Americans (Hispanic) and many Americans of Hispanic ancestry are going to have to carry their passport if not, they will be sent to jail losing work days and other commitments besides having an arrest record in their background that will , in the long run, barred them from getting good jobs such state and federal..........WOW...but of course if you look white, you won't required to do that and you don't run the risk of getting labeled as illegal and be thrown in jail. isn't that nice and fair? Hispanics or people who aren't white should be aware of this and strongly oppose it as they will be profiled as illegal (because of their ethnicity) and God save you if you don't have your US passport with you to proof otherwise.

    Really disturbing and an eye opener. I bet people are going to defend him to.

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