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    I think az is very boring but heres the pros and cons PROS: NO snow No hurricanes Much less congestion than Oakwood or Oakwood lots of targets walmarts Walgreen's and starbucks in phoenix and suburbs great desert sunsets and hiking in the winter if u like hiking and in northern az lots of trees and mountains but IT DOES snow in the winter in north AZ. no snow in phoenix or tucson though. Upsacle Scottsdale fashion mall,resturaunts and clubs and Native American stores Tempe Mill ave shopping and clubbing by ASU Phoenix art and science museums some nice houses for sale Cons: the more south u live the more polluted the air is in phoenix Illegal mexican immigrants who cant drive and steal stuff the actual city of phoenix (not the suburbs) has alot of crime in some neighboorhoods horrible summer heat sometimes 117 degrees but usualy below 110 (unless yr in north Oakwood its like never above 95 up there) stupid people and bad drivers lack of art and culture in many areas shady and fake people Avoid living south of mcdowel road or downtown its ghetto avoid the ghetto parts of the west side like glendale and especialy sunnyslope unless u live on the border of it. If u have a college degree/stable job u can come out and visit and c if u like it or not but if u dont have steady work I would not reccomend moving until u have money since there are very few jobs in Oakwood as in most of the country with the recession. Hope that helps

    My uncle lived there for 12 years he loved it ! But 1 month ago he lost his job and had to move. The foreclosure rate is sky rocketing . I don't really know much else cuz I'm 13 good luck !

    If you can get a job there before you move, it would be a great place to live. Foreclosure and unemployment rates are at a high rate but if you can secure a job before you move here, its a better chance you can stay here longer.

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