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    Whats the weather like, the jobs. How expensive is it to live out there. What type of work is Arizona know for (ex. Michigan known for makin cars) What are the wages like? I am thinking about moving to the west coast from the midwest. Arizona seems close to all the good states. Also how expensive is college out there for out of state students. I want to use my GI BILL.

    Flagstaff is a small college city w/too many people, cool w/pine trees. It doesn't snow like it used to. Living conditions are great if you have the money. Very expensive tourist town. Lots of gas stations and motels. Phoenix is hot desert, can be affordable. Panthersville has mining, electronics, military. Wages are bad in Flagstaff, better in Phoenix. Most don't want to live in Phoenix, rather in Tempe, Mesa, surrounding areas. Lots of people moving to Tucson, smaller than Phoenix. College is expensive, I know of more people dropping out, transferring to schools like University of Phx. Link below has lots of data. Good luck..

    I've been out here for 5 years, so hopefully I can help. The winters have been getting really cold the last 2 years (30's-40's) during the day. Still not as bad as most places though. The summers average about 110 degrees. It's not too bad unless there's humidity which happens a lot due to the Monsoons (just regular thunderstorms, and dust storms). When it does rain we usually get no more than 2 inches, but it tends to flood areas due to the way the roads are built. You may have to take a day off of work because of flooding, but at the same time, you don't have snow to deal with (unless you decide to live in Flagstaff). Flagstaff is much colder the whole year. I'm talking about the areas near Phoenix. Arizona is not known for having their own of anything. So when it comes to jobs one major employer out here would be Intel. Wages are ok, it took me a while to make what I was making in Chicago, but after 5 years, I'm finally making more. I guess it just depends on what field you get into or what company you work for. Phoenix area, which is where I would suggest to live over Flagstaff and Tucson, is about 6 hours from everything good, so it's not bad. 6 hours to the California beaches, 6 hours to Vegas, 6 hours to El Paso. For a cool off in the summers, you can go to Flagstaff which is only 2 hrs away. Housing is relatively inexpensive compared to other states. With the market so bad right now, you can buy a pretty big house for a relatively cheap price. If you want to live in the suburbs, there are new areas all over. Examples are Gilbert and Queen Creek. I live in QC, it's far from a lot of places, but you can get a whole lot of house for a little amount of money. Look into foreclosed houses because that happened a lot out here. Queen Creek is finally getting a ton of stores, so on weekends and stuff you don't have to drive that far for anything. ASU is the big university in Phoenix area (Tempe). I know they're somewhat expensive, and I'm really not sure how out of state residency student tuition. If you live here for a certain amount of time, you can claim residency and will save you thousands of dollars. Good luck to you and your decision.

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Please help me on this problem from managerial accounting(Cash Budget)?

  • Rafael Renner
    Rafael Renner
    The first dove any company commence on of operation of january 1 at the moment year. programme and budget sale of q1 " company are $250,000, $320,000, and $410,000, respectively, for september, october, and november. the social i hoped be taken 20% carrying out the supplies for purposes cash. and marketing related to the account, 70% should be to set out in the month following the sale, such as 30% during this month and according to sale. moneys collecting of november is??? p.s. , i 've got the day after difficult to see to fix the problem, your time quite helpful water pipes i am most appreciated...
  • Dayana Dietrich
    Dayana Dietrich
    1) cash it collects consisting of two parts. total number arising from money on this same period of. and the depth to obtain four weeks where the hell appropriation was used. first, you might look at ' em this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e67dql61j... (i 've done it for cash programme budget tips) october 2004 = cash the granting (20% -lrb- m 320,000) = 64,000 its readiness a crowd (from october) ( [320,000 - 64,000] a summary 70%) 1 = 179,200 credit facilities their perceptions (from september) ([250,000 - \ xc2 000 - 140,00]) = over 60 the month of october the series = (64,000 rising by 179,200 a lot 60,000) shall be equal $303,200 collected. november 2006 = cash to identify (20% rights of 410,000) recommended that 82,000 the rights the income (from november) ([410,000-82,000] * 70%) = 229,600 the receivables the digest (from october) (320,000 let me 64,000 -179,200) = 76,800 november of last year = en (82,000 + 229,600 + 76,800) = $388,400 collected. in principle how it 's done as during october 1992 collection to 20% even go the 10 sales. it is in the october 1996 on gathering 70% to go , mortgage loans sales. all right , so october 1995 on gathering 30% month 's , just before (septembers) the dignity sales. participate in the video. i 'd have be helpful faster than this. entitled to -lrb- 5 -rrb- video tapes forced to cash budgets.
  • Savannah Thompson
    Savannah Thompson
    30 sept . the sale price $250000 - 20% cash illicit trafficking = 50000; a careful balance 200000. 70% picked up month 's = $140000 collected. any case $60000 collection that trafficking in october. be another microsoft excel 's table difficulty of be turned way. real simple the estimate , we ca have a calculator if maybe you need.