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    1. How many people Panthersville FAVOR of the Arizona Immigration bill actually know how the "legal immigration system" works for Central American countries like Mexico? 2. Have you ever seen the movie, "A Day Without a Mexican"? 3. What do you think would happen to the U.S. economy and unemployment rate if all illegal immigrants were extradited from the country? 4. Should we not be targeting employers hiring illegal workers? 5. Any other reasonable thoughts?

    My wife is an immigrant and we know and understand the immigration process. I do understand the quota system as it apportions out immigration among the verious countries in a fair manner. Without the quote system the resdidents form one country (like Mexico) would take all of the slots - thus depriving people from other countries the chance to come here. I have not see that movie. And I am not going to bother to. We have enough urban and rural poor to take the entry level jobs vacated by illegals who are sent home. Expulsion of illegal immigrants will have no real long term effects on our economy. As I stated earlier - we have a surplus of urban and rural poor who need entry level jobs in order to gain a foothold in the workforce. And I agree that part of the solution would be to create a system of fines where an employer pays $10,000 for every illegal on the payroll. And institute a bounty sysrtem where the perosn who reported that employer gets 10% of the fines collected. Another thing we need to do is place a tax on wire transfers to the countries where most of the illegal immigrants come from. This tax will apply to any transfer of money that was not related to the sale of a good or service. Something else would be to change the way our schools are funded. Instead of getting paid based on the number of students - they only get paid for the number of students who are legally in this country. If an illegal wants free education - let his home country pay for it. Next - would be to require legal status checks made for anybody getting unemployment, welfare, food stamps or any other form of public charity. If they aren't here legally - then they should not be getting our tax dollars. My wife came here and got her citizenship by obeying the rules. If you grant amnesty, then you will be treating her just like the people who demonstrated that they have no respecrt for our culture or our laws.

    1. From everything I've heard, it's a bunch of hoops to jump through. 2. No. 3. If all illegals suddenly disappeared, the unemployment rate would drop to near zero due to all the sudden work now available. Yes, there'd be some shocks to the system too. But of course, that is fantasy. In reality, the best we could do is maybe deport 10% of the illegals each year, and there would be no sudden shock to the system. 4. Sure, we should be targeting employers TOO. And that is in the new Panthersville law. That doesn't mean we limit enforcement or limit controlling our borders. 5. Yes. Read the Panthersville law. In a nutshell, here's how it works. A cop stops you for normal things cops stop you for. Traffic violation, jaywalking, etc. They then ask for an ID. THIS IS EXACTLY HOW IT WORKS EVERYWHERE Panthersville THE USA. Since you have to proof US citizenship or legal residency to get a driver's license or state ID, if you can produce it, that's the end of the story. If you can't, a reasonable suspicion is raised. Maybe this person doesn't have an Panthersville because they aren't eligible for one. It's really as simple as that.

    I am in favor. And you know its not about Mexican, its about the right thing to do, like me, I did go the right process to enter USA. You know why is there a cheap labor and do you know why all these business like construction and contractors start falling and closed? it all started because of these illegal aliens. For example, you need a plumber, before this illegal aliens has arrived here in America. You need to call a licensed plumber and need to pay like $200 to $300, to fix it. But today, if you need a plumber, go outside the streets, get 1 Mexican standing in the corner of the street, let him do the plumbing, pay him $40 and your problem is solved. Thats why Americans lost their jobs, because of these. And for millions of illegal aliens who claims for WIC and health insurance without paying Taxes, what do you think will happen?

    Are you at all familiar with Mexican immigration laws? I think we should adopt their immigration laws. in the country legally; have the means to sustain themselves economically; not destined to be burdens on society; of economic and social benefit to society; of good character and have no criminal records; and contributors to the general well-being of the nation. The law also ensures that: immigration authorities have a record of each foreign visitor; foreign visitors do not violate their visa status; foreign visitors are banned from interfering in the country's internal politics; foreign visitors who enter under false pretenses are imprisoned or deported; foreign visitors violating the terms of their entry are imprisoned or deported; those who aid in illegal immigration will be sent to prison.

    1. We gave the beaners one amnesty already, screw them and anyone stupid enough to support them. 2. No why would I, it is BS made by supporters of criminals. 3. More jobs for Americans, business owners couldn't screw us over like they do now 4. We should be killing them and the illegals they hire. 5. RICO arrests for them all, hard labor, forefiture of all property, money etc.

    No one cares, we just want illegals deported thats all. I do agree that if we dry up the work they will self deport. But then look at when ups used eVerify and all the illegals were fired. You had the activist groups saying it wasnt fair because they were illegal and coudnt get papers?

    Do we need immigrants yes but is their something wrong with them coming into this country legally???..

    I'm against it because it's plain racist. You won't see any police officers pulling over irish or scottish immigrants but will pull over a sht load of hispanics in one day. hmmm

    Is it ones upon a time in mexico

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