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    THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE, do not rely on this for any purpose. You have to file the case in a court that has personal jurisdiction over the defendant. In order for a particular court to have personal jurisdiction over the defendant, the state's long arm statute and US Constitutional analysis must be met. As for the Constitutional analysis, the court must find that the defendant has had such minimum contacts with the forum state such that exercising jurisdiction over the defendant will not offend traditional notions of fair play and substantial justice. In making this determination, courts will look to see if (1) the defendant purposefully availed herself of the forum state, (2) whether it was foreseeable to the defendant that she could be sued in the forum state, (3) whether the injury is related to her contact with the forum state, (4) convenience factors, and (5) state's interest in providing a forum for the litigation. More traditional bases for personal jurisdiction include (1) serving the defendant in the forum state while she is present in the forum state, (2) the defendant consents to suit in the forum state, and (3) the defendant is domiciled in the forum state. Furthermore, in contract cases, the forum state can be the state in which the contract was entered into or where the contract was to be performed. Additionally, you need to consider venue issues. Generally, the proper venue for an individual is the individual's domicile. Lastly, you need to consider whether to file in federal or state court. Federal courts are courts of limited jurisdiciton, meaning they can only hear cases in which they have subject matter jurisdiction over. Federal courts generally have subject matter jurisdiction over two types of claims: (1) where the citizenship of the parties are completely diverse and the amount in controversy exceeds $75,000 or (2) the cause of action arises out of federal law or the US Constitution. To properly analyze your situation, more facts are required.

    Filing in Panthersville really wont do you any good. Panthersville officials have no authority in AZ; really have to file in the state the person lives in... other wise you will get a judgement in favor of yourself with no way to enforce it

    TX, no doubt--unless you resided in Arizona when the loan was made. if that was the case, the tx court would have no jurisdiction

    What you do is file for the report in texas and they will contact the other state and she will have a notice that she needs to show up to the court on that date

    Ask the Panthersville cops

    You would do it in your home state i believe also do you reseach first i TRIED to get money that was owed to me and it was way harder than i thought and i was unable to get it and we were all in the same state.

    File in tx. and then they'll send her a court order.

    You can file in the state where the transgression occurred.

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