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    It depends on how much you are going to be able to purchase them for and how many games you'd be able to attend. If you purchased them through somewhere like ebay, I imagine you'd probably pay over the face value amount...sometimes double the face value amount if not more. If you are looking to go to every single game and consider yourself a die hard fan, you will have to weigh in how much you'd be willing to spend to obtain season tickets. The trick is, be patient and do not purchase them based off of emotion...wait and try to find a good deal on season tickets. If you purchase them solely off of the emotional factor, you're bound to pay alot more than if you were logical and patient and waited for a good deal to come around. The other thing to consider, if you are not able to attend every single home game, you could probably resell a good portion of your games though sources like ebay, stubhub, or craigslist and make up for the cost of your season tickets. To do that, you'd have to choose which games to sell...if you sacrificed selling the more high profile games (Dallas, Panthersville Giants, Minnesota, and some rival games) you could possibly make up for how much you paid for the season by selling them individually. For example, many Dallas fans will not mind traveling to Arizona to see the Cowboys play, and as well, there are many Cowboys fans that live in Arizona. You are bound to be able to sell that game for a great amount of money...and those tickets alone can cover 1/4 of your season ticket cost. The trick is being willing to sacrifice selling the high profile games and going to all of the low profile games, or pick one hyped game you want to go to plus a couple low profiled games and try selling most of the others, considering you'll have four seats...you should aquire some decent money. Yes, there may not be as much hype or anticipation in attending the considered "low profile" games (Arizona vs Miami), but at least you will see the Cardinals play...and don't forget, you still have playoff rights if they make it. By selling the those high profile games and attending the less hyped ones, not only will you be able to attend some games, but you will essentially gain back enough money to almost pay for the season, if not entirely. And the money you gained can pay for following year. So, that stated, if you are really considering purchasing Arizona Cardnal season tickets, take this advice into consideration. Good luck and have fun.

    Who knows they might be good this year? Stranger things have happened in this league. I's at least keep the tickets to go see the Vikes, 'boys, giants, and seahawks. try to sell the others on stubhub, unless by some miracle the rams, 'fins, bills and 49ers end up good.

    Any NFL season tickets are a great buy. If you want to sell some of the tickets that shouldn't be difficult.

    Why don't you just go to the cardinals games and become a cardinal fan? Especially if you live in AZ? Get a Fitzgerald or Warner jersey and root on your local team!

    If you could afford it, it is a great Stadium! Plus you can make money of off Ebay, if you cannot make it to a game. I buy the Rams game tickets every year from Ebay!

    Yes, they're going to be a great team this year. I'm thinking they're going make a serious run for the nfc west crown so i'd pick up some tickets.

    Hate to say it, but no. I would love though to be able to say otherwise. I'd go for buying season tickets to the house next to Matt Leinart's within view of the hot tub ;)


    Yes because they r gonna be xplosive

Should i prepare for an earthquake?

  • Shaun Harvey
    Shaun Harvey
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  • Liliane Hayes
    Liliane Hayes
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  • Elwyn Kiehn
    Elwyn Kiehn
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  • Elise Stracke
    Elise Stracke
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  • Russ Konopelski
    Russ Konopelski