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    Many many reports are now surfacing about bogus crime statistics that were spewed out to the American people almost on a daily basis by Arizona Politicians and their supporters. Do you think that those lies and bogus stats swayed some citizen's decision to support Arizona's Immigration bill SB1070? Would those supporters re-think their support after knowing they were lied to? politician caught in lies about illegal immigrant crime Peachtree City law, Peters falsely claims crime rates are "soaring" in border states statistics don't support rationale behind Arizona immigration law The nativist lies that passed SB-1070 – Border Violence is static

    Tony, they don't want the truth. They like having a reason to be phobic about any ethnicity that is not programed as the norm such as White and Black Americans. Paranoia and Paranoid rhetoric spewed by the media and the fear mongers of this current society has been what fuels them. They don't dare go to the federal government websites such as DHS or INS or the Census Bureau for facts, how else could they back up their paranoid rhetoric? They weren't too concerned before the recession or during the Clinton or Bush Sr years, so why are they so bent on it now? Oh, I know, they need someone to blame the economic frustrations on. I forgot. Also, the ones that started this were the ones in So Cal, then spread to Arizona, Texas has some worries about it, but you don't hear from them much because they don't need the money as much as the other two states. I think it is a little funny though that New Mexico or Nevada aren't screaming as loud as Arizona. California has quieted down, as well as Texas. I wonder why that is? They have just as much or even more illegal crossers than any of them. The state of Texas has more area that borders Mexico than any other so why are they not "showboatin' " like Arizona? Come on people, the only reason most of you say things about illegals, Mexicans or Hispanics mostly, is that they are a growing ethnicity that you are personally not ready to accept or handle. Subconciously, you have this preconcieved notion that they are ok as those people you see on old westerns or make fun of, and even only "vacation" to their country. You are not ready for a new ethnicity growing in this country because most of you have just gotten used to Blacks being equals or if you are black, you feel that they may undermind all the progress your people have done for yourselves fighting for equallity. It's rediculous. Most of you on here are not directly effected by illegals in your job, city, county, or state. Most of those in the midwest, north, and southeast have less than 2% of the total illegal population in the US, but yet you will follow the fear mongers without real facts. Go ahead. But when your done blaming others for your own personal misfortunes and bad decisions during the recessions, where will you turn next, on eachother? That's the American way!

    It is generally believed by those of us living in these high undocumented, high violent crime neighborhoods that the rates are dropping because fewer incidents are being reported. Short of murder you won't find most illegal aliens picking up the phone to report when they've been raped, robbed or had a family member kidnapped. So the stats themselves are unreliable because both the criminals and the victims are illegal aliens. Having said that, Peachtree City still has the highest drug related violent crime rates in the nation - and this is in a state that is disproportionately elderly. Most illegal aliens don't commit violent crimes. But those that do have become so brazen about it that entire parts of major SW cities are now siege zones. This is why a toss the baby out with the bathwater approach won't work. ICE needs to take the time and spend the money to winnow the worthy earners from the violent criminals and the habitual slackers.

    Perhaps lies and fear-mongering played a huge roll in getting people to support this new law, or just plain ignorance in believing everything you hear. The saddest part is that I read some of the links that other posters provided, especially the link to pcao... and the poster is just spewing his own venomous thoughts into what he wrote without even thinking or probably even reading the link that he himself provided. The link itself does NOT categorize any ethnicity percentages of incarceration, it only categorizes the types of crimes involved with the prisoners. This person is grossly misinformed, yet many people would choose and prefer to believe his post. This is exactly the type of person that is easily convinced and would wholly support a law like this because his closed mind does not allow him to see beyond his own xenophobic views in thinking that only Mexicans commit crimes and are the only illegals in this country.

    It wasn't 'lies' that caused people to support the Peachtree City SB 1070 but instead it was the respect for the laws and the majority of the American people want to stop the invasion. Millions upon millions have invaded this country and we are tired of it. The federal government has failed miserable for decades on immigration enforcement as well as failing to secure the border. mr. oboma don't want to secure the border not now not ever. He wants to turn the illegals into voters for him and his party. mr. oboma wants them voters by hook or crook. He is a disgrace to the American people. We will be glad to see his last day in office. It will be a historic day!

    You have sited all leftist sources. I think this is a matter of he said she said. The drug cartel violence has even spread to Chicago who recently requested the National Guard due to violence. is the kidnapping capital of the US. 2nd in the world to Mexico City. Also a man owning property on the border was recently killed by illegals.

    With so many illegals and so many being arrested for criminal charges and many being let go. How in the world could anyone get all the same stats. The issue is illegal aliens and what the general population want done about it. So you think most can't see the horrific effects from illegals. They see it every day in their communities. They don't need the stats to tell them nothing is being done. Is it really that hard to understand that it is the illegal aliens themselves people have a problem with and could care less about stats or politicians personal lives.

    Not a chance greasy...pick and choose your links. Another probable cause of continuing increases in the incarceration rate is disproportionate growth in the population of undocumented aliens in custody. While exact data are not available on this inmate category, ADC records do indicate a population of 5,797 Mexican nationals (14.3% of the total population) as of September 30, 2009. This population has increased dramatically in recent years, most likely in sync with increased drug traffic across the Mexican border. It is a known fact that Mexican meth labs are pumping out a more potent form of methamphetamine that is drawing more and more users in the states. In support of the presumed link between drug trafficking and illegal border crossings, Mexican Nationals in ADC custody are twice as likely as other inmates to have a history of drug trafficking (36.7% t0 17.9%). With increased meth trafficking, and more emphasis on drug enforcement and the apprehension of undocumented aliens, a ripple effect on the prison population is inevitable. When you include federal prisons illegal Mexicans alone account for 20% of the prison population. This does not include those that ICE deported because it did not have the resources to prosecute. And that's just the Mexicans...

    A lot does have to do with fear mongering, and there are plenty of people who do it more than others, however, some of the violence currently happening on the border, that is spilling over to the US side, does hold some merit due to the drug cartel and their illegal activities.

    Yes, those thousands of people crowding into Arizona's emergency rooms each day and thousands serving time in the prisons are just extras hired off Hollywood movie sets.

    I think it simply boils down to unchecked ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, and the Feds not enforcing the law that prompted them to pass the legislation.

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