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    Read the Laws they ARE the same. Do you really think that any state would enact a state law which is in violation of federal law ? If you know anything about law enforcement ( I was on the job as a Detective for 28 years ) you would know that Federal Statues ( i.e. RICO ) are generally substantially tougher than State Statutes

    Its a lot more fun for those people to violently attack police, scream hate speech and destroy property as well as killing, raping and stealing, the liberal is a very dangerous, intolerant, greedy creature that only cares about itself and what it can gain from the stealing of other peoples rights, freedom and money

    Because some people rather sit back and complain about the most crucial things they never seemed to worry about until it's too late.

    I wondered that for 8 years....from 200-2008. wondered why oh why Republican GW Bush did NOTHING for 8 years...NOTHING. Why is it that conservatives could not get their conservative President to tackle the problem? Did you think GW Bush was just too stupid to do anything and decided to wait for a smart Liberal to get into office before making these demands? That must be it...

    something is wrong with the bill since the Republican wrote bill actually sends a rift through the party, not to mention lots of Democrats, and more Conservative folks such Libertarians also oppose this bill. Not surprising at all that mostly Neoconservatives types like McCain / Palin support this bill.

    Whatever Liberal Media says.. Powder Springs is doing the right thing to protect its citizens....

    The laws AREN'T the same, and Powder Springs doesn't have the right to make this law.



  • Jed Kuvalis
    Jed Kuvalis
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    Alf Hammes
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  • Ian Hills
    Ian Hills
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    Krystel Ebert
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