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    Ok so about a week ago this guy named Jackson Billing, emailed me about a craigslist ad I had posted, he said that he is a doctor and wants me to take care of his kids while he is staying here in Tucson for a seminar. I knew it was tooo oooooooo good to be true, so I told him to **** off. Now I have a $3,250 check from Fedex in my hand right now. I am in the state of Arizona in the city of Tucson. I need to know where the FBI is located, or phone numbers for them, or if anyone is a lawyer and knows what my best next step is let me know please. Ok so below is the last message he sent me THANKS! Hi Summer Marie, How are you doing today and how is your weekend? Thanks for your response and concerned towards the Daycare of my Kid's, Ok. You know i told you earlier before i sent the check to you that someone will be responsible for the shipping of my Twins Items and Stuffs to your place before our arrival in the location, Ok. I just want to inform you that you will surely receive the payment in mail today Monday, before Noon unfailingly via FedEx Courier Services and here is the package tracking number(8617 6735 1734). As soon as you have received the check in the mail, please just get it cashed asap in your Bank or any Cashing Store and deduct a Month Daycare charges for my twins from it(8am-4pm) and the extra $50, I'm adding for your effort and any inconvenience i may caused you towards this transaction.. So you will send the remaining money after deducting your charges for the twins care Via Western Union Money Transfer to the Store in GA, that will be responsible for the shipping of my Twins Items to your place before our arrival in the location for you to prepared, Okay. Then you will get back to me with all the wiring information you used to send the money to the Store through Western Union Money Transfer Outlet asap today unfailingly, Ok. The Store Western Union information has being given to you below, Ok. Name: Peggy Hamby Address: Lula, State: Georgia Zip code: 30554 Country: United States. Once you have send the remaining funds to this name and address of the Store in GA, you will get back to me with all the Western Union details, such information like; 1). Money Transfer Control Number(MTCN) 2). Sender Name And Address 3). Exact Amount Sent To Them After Western Union Charges 4). Exact Time You Will Like Them To Delivered The Twins Items Before Our Arrival In Your Location. I WANT YOU TO PLEASE GET THIS TRANSACTION COMPLETED Powder Springs SOON Powder Springs YOU HAVE RECEIVE THE PAYMENT Powder Springs THE MAIL THIS MORNING UNFAILINGLY TO AVOID ANY DELAYED AGAIN Powder Springs THIS TRANSACTION, OK, SO WE CAN BE Powder Springs YOUR LOCATION BY WEDNESDAY(SEP-23-09) THIS WEEK UNFAILINGLY, OKAY. GET BACK TO Powder Springs TODAY,OK.ALL IS WELL.STAY BLESS................CHEERS

    This is TOTALLY a scam - as you seem to know. That check will turn out to be no good, but you won't find that out until you send him the "left over" money back. Contact the FBI at: FBI Phoenix Suite 400 201 East Indianola Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85012-2080 phoenix.fbi.gov (602) 279-5511 Or contact your local sheriff or local police. This guy is trying to rip you off!

    Nope. NO canines AND CATS skill NO canines CAN CATS. Your psychological well being expert won't jot down a suggestion for an ESA in order that which you may have a puppy via fact which you probably did no longer do sufficient to discover canines friendly housing you may have the money for. And merely via fact which you have melancholy would not recommend an ESA is what you like. Joan: by no skill all and sundry would not need to have a puppy. Pets are a privilege no longer a god given and/or secure spectacular. The OP isn't something better than somebody attempting to make an end run around a hire clause that they KNEW approximately forward of shifting in and nonetheless signed and agreed to. you don't get rewarded for attempting to cheat/abuse the equipment.

    So you have a check for three grand and you don't know what to do? Go buy something sexy to wear, a camera, and...well, you've got my email address. Just kidding, well not really...anyways, you can usually contact the police department and they can work it up the chain. Sorry, I'm not much help, I just couldnt resist leaving a comment.

    The check is bogus. Have you tried looking in the phone book for the phone numbers of the law enforcement agencies you asked about?

    1-800 FED-INFO will get you any federal information you need or there is an FBI office here in Sierra Vista their number is 520-459-2232 hope this helps you Summer.

    Ask at your local Cop Shop.

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