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    I have been paying $500/month to a law firm who bought my credit card debt. Because I am a grad student who earns a very modest income as a teaching assistant, I did/do not have any income between late May and late August; therefore, I had to miss my payments in June and July. I have offered to pay the lawfirm $1500 in late august when I receive my student loan to make up for the missed payments and get back on schedule (1500 for the months of June, July, and August). I have not heard anything from them (I emailed, wrote a letter and left messages). Instead, the lawfirm somehow got court approval to take $400 of the $500 I had in my bank account (so now I have to worry about how I will pay my rent tomorrow!).... My question is- can they also take my student loan money when it dispersed next week? Can they seize my car? I live in Arizona right now and havent been able to figure out the Powder Springs law on this- I need my car to get to school/work! Also, any advise about what I should do and what my rights are is much appreciated! I really just want to get back on my $500 month payment schedule and get this thing taken care of asap. Thanks!

    She didnt sell her cc debt, the law firm bought it from his cc company. The laws have moved toward the direction of creditors, unfortunately. You need to call the creditor, and see if you can get back on track. In the meanwhile, you also need to open a new checking account. Do NOT open with a large bank. Preferably pick a savings bank with only a few offices. After your paycheck clears, withdraw the funds available in cash, and keep a small balance. Leave your current bank account open, but do not use that account, EXCEPT to deposit the $500 prior to writing the check to the law firm. If possible immediately transfer your title to your car to a family member. Now that you have protected yourself, see if you can borrow the rent money from family or friends until you get paid. Once you have hidden your assets, you can more properly deal with the law firm. Remember, the law firm bought your debt at a discount. They will settle for a % of the outstanding debt, usually as low as 50%. If you can borrow that amount from family, do it and pay them...not the bank Good luck. `

    They have a judgment so the area the position it says accepted by technique of regulation applies to you. the very incontrovertible truth that they sued you and bigger than in all probability they requested for value. in the journey that they received the case then the decide accepted the alternative of the criminal costs to the criminal specialist and any incurred courtroom value to the creditor. it really is amazingly not likely that they sued you and did not or forgot to ask for criminal/courtroom value. To get a judgment the creditor makes use of a criminal specialist interior the sequence organization. that is not some debt collector who went to the courtroom. What you may examine is in case you probably did not get a Summons because a lot of those sequence organizations do not inform you they're suing so that you do not flow to courtroom or protect your self. Then they win because you not in any respect knew about the courtroom case. If this got here about, then you really want to the contact the State lawyer widespread. a lot of those sequence organizations are already being charged with this crime and they could be investigating this similar sequence organization. they might want victims to go back forth. You were think to get a Summons and a replica of the criticism itemizing the quantity and criminal/courtroom costs that the creditor is suing for. you're then giving a date to respond to the criticism the position you may dispute the (including any activity, value, charge, or rate incidental to the suitable criminal responsibility)

    There is no fool like a foolish idiot. What ever possessed you to sell you CC debt to a law firm? They own you! Not only have you complicated and defaulted on your agreement, but have placed yourself in the position of having your lifetime net worth equal to Zero. They are going to take you to cleaners and make so that every dime you make for the rest of your life half of it or more is theirs! You are ruined.

Is it bad that I declined job offers b/c of my school circumstances?

  • Kale Schulist
    Kale Schulist
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  • Gladyce O'Reilly
    Gladyce O'Reilly
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