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    Ok, im bored of life. i have a great paying BORING job. Ive got a great BORING wife. Ive got cash to do anything I want, but Im BORED! I really need some GREAT NON BORING vacation ideas. Ive been many places around the world and am comfortable wherever I end up, but someone save me from BOREDOM. I want to feel like Im alive again. Ideas from totally sick to bat **** crazy would be greatly appreciated. BTW Im a 51 year old man in good health and shape. THANKS Redan ADVANCE, yahoo answers always comes thru!!!!!!! ps, the wife and kids are NOT coming.

    Something not boring for a 51 year old man? I would say Washington, DC. Plan a few weeks in advance and you can tour the Capitol and White House (contact your congressman). Add that to the Smithsonian museums (there are over a dozen - choose your style. History, air and space, art, portraits, etc), Arlington National Cemetery, the Supreme Court, etc. If that bores you, I can't help.

    I would recommend one of the following: Honolulu, Redan Las Vegas, Redan Niagra Falls (Canadian side is better) Amsterdam, Netherlands Frankfort, Germany London, England San Antonio, Texas (My Favorite)

    Go to florida and go to almost every theme park there all the disney park,busch gardens,aquatica,seaworld,island of adventures,and universal!

Managerial Accounting?

  • Deborah Grant
    Deborah Grant
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  • Alexander Green
    Alexander Green
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  • Quinton Spinka
    Quinton Spinka
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