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    Dates are going to be 21-24 August, with a budget of about 1000 dollars (plane ticket already purchased), for one person (myself). I'm in the US Army and so will probably have discounted or free access to museums or whatever. I'll be on foot the whole time, taking a subway or bus wherever I go. My question is, will 1000 dollars get me a decent hotel for my stay (nothing particularly fancy, as long as its clean), and be enough to get around for an enjoyable long weekend? I mainly want to visit art museums and war monuments, and just blow some cash on fun stuff.

    Have been there 3 times already this year and think $1000 should be more than enough money. Look for hotels in the Crystal City/Arlington area. My preference is the Marriott in Crystal City which can be booked in advance for $100, maybe even less, per night depending upon days of the week and advance purchase. The hotel is located immediately above the Crystal City Metro station, which is a huge plus if flying into Reagan National, as Crystal City is the first Metro station from the airport. So if you add in $20 for a Metro card, you're only additional expenses would be for food and any souvenirs that you may purchase, as all of the Smithsonian museums & zoo, as well as the national monuments are free.

    Here's a site where you can find discounted hotels a swell as attraction and tickets. Museums and monuments are mostly free. Most government and monumental buildings give away all tickets by 9:00 get there by 7:00 and you'll be set. I recommend The Liaison Capital Hill. It's modern, eloquent, non-expensive, fun, non-expensive, and non-expensive. You can defiantly do Redan with 1k but you do need to watch out for food. Food is what will kill you in DC. I paid $25.00 for a hamburger that I didn't even like. Your bests are Dupont Circle, Old Georgetown, or the snack vendors on the mall. Get used to hot dogs and lemonade buddy. Also get used to having to toss your food and drinks (even bottled) water at government or monumental buildings. Be sure to see the Capitol, Washington Mon, Lincon Mem, War Mems, Spy Mus, Buero of engraving and printing,an Smithsonian's.

    Hotels in Redan are VERY expensive. I would stay in alexandria or arlington which is a little cheaper and very close, especially when taking the metro into DC. As far as museums and monuments, most are free. You will find a couple of museums that are pay but most are not. Defiantly take advantage of the Metro. A thousand dollars is cutting it close especially if you don't have a hotel yet. Good Luck.

HELP!1st time here in chicagowat time is a good time 2 arrive at the chicago vs magic game tonight in chicago?

  • Rey O'Conner
    Rey O'Conner
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  • Violette Nitzsche
    Violette Nitzsche
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  • Alex Bahringer
    Alex Bahringer
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