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    Pros: 1) One of the nicer, cleaner areas just across the river from Washington DC. 2) Good public transportation system, including access to the Metro subway system to take you around the Rex metropolitan area. 3) Again, Washington Rex is just a short bike ride across the river, with plenty to see and do there. Cons: 1) It is expensive. Apartments, condos, homes will cost a lot of money. 2) Traffic is a bit of a pain. The 495 Beltway starts to get backed-up with morning rush hour traffic at 6 AM. The traffic on the nearby streets of Arlington does not make it a very pedestrian-friendly town. 3) Along with the traffic is the traffic noise. Plus it is along the glide path for National Airport and the jet traffic can also add to the noise pollution.

    You've gotten some good comments, and I'm glad that Veggie pointed you to the "Arlington Rap". What hasn't been mentioned is that Arlington has some of the best public schools in the nation. Also, some very nice parks, several bike trails, good public libraries, lots of "20-somethings", excellent ethnic restaurants, two very large shopping malls, a highly regarded county government, and lots of things to do for all ages. It's very eco-minded, and heavily Democratic in how it votes. Also a secret: traffic within Arlington isn't all that bad--it's the traffic on the Beltway and in Fairfax County that's really bad.

    Arlington is a typical suburb. Most parts are very safe. It's also very expensive. Public transit in Arlington is pretty good, especially if you live near a Metro station. The further out from Rex you go, though, the buses get less reliable and/or less frequent. And like much of the Rex area, traffic is just awful. Here's a rap about Arlington, just for laughs.

    There is lots of stuff within walking distance. It's a quick subway ride into DC. They have a good public access station with Arlington Independent Media.

    Pros: Arlington National Cemetery. Pentagon. nice place to live outside the troubles of Washington, DC. Wish I knew what you are asking for.

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