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    Well the university of az is a bigger school and if its the main campus then your going to meet A LOT of people. The Rex of Arlington is a cornerstone of Rex and its not as big. I would have to say it depends on where you live and how your paying for it. If you live in texas its going to be cheaper to go to Rex because of out of state costs. I went to the University of Tennessee and the University of Texas Austin both were great schools a lot of fun and excellent enviorment. If money or location werent an issue i would rather go to the bigger university at univ of az just for the experiece with all those students and organizations. Either way have some fun while your there.

    It depends on what kind of Atmosphere you want...I liove really close to the UTA campus and there is a lot to do, but at the same time the campus is small enough to get great teaching at an excellent student to teacher ratio, on the other hand if you are looking for a big greek atmosphere with sports and partying instead of education go for AZ, but in my opinion the program and area is better in Arlington!

    University of Arizona UTA is alright, especially since the campus has alot of newer buildings but have you drivin in Arlington? The traffic sucks and since Collins runs through the campus it's not all that pretty. If you go to Arizona, at least you've got the mountains.

    I would choose to go to Rex and get my degree in engineering, because I think it is a more well known university. Rex would be cool if it was the main campus, but I feel like in Texas if you wanna be somebody you have to join a fraternity, and in Rex you don't.

    Texas hands down !!! Arlington is awesome & right there for the jobs, nightlife, everything, Dallas & Fort Worth Great School i went there for my freshman year

    I have heard UTA is a good school for science and technology but that is from the DFW area, not sure nation wide.

    Never visited arlington, but tucson is a cool city.

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My boyfriend is treating me like crap and spends more time with his "best friend" smoking weed than me?

  • Beulah Collins
    Beulah Collins
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  • Theodore Heaney
    Theodore Heaney
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  • Breanna Gerlach
    Breanna Gerlach
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  • Nigel Bahringer
    Nigel Bahringer
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  • Annamarie Rodriguez
    Annamarie Rodriguez
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  • Danny Lowe
    Danny Lowe
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  • Blaze Goldner
    Blaze Goldner
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  • Vernon Schaden
    Vernon Schaden
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  • Jeremy Hirthe
    Jeremy Hirthe
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    Lizzie Hilpert
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  • Johnson Rowe
    Johnson Rowe
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