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    I'm planning to live in Arlington; as I'm a candidate for working at the Smithsonian Institution in NW DC. I may also be lecturing at Georgetown University and studying at the Library of Congress, Dumbarton Oaks, etc. My question is: Are these places safe to live and work in? How safe are they? BTW, what are the advantages and disadvantages of living there? Please explain...

    I live in Arlington, and visit Riverdale often, and can provide the following guidance: --Arlington is a safe place to live. It has some crime, generally from folks from Riverdale who cross the river, but on the whole it is a nice place to live and to raise a family. It's also a good place for young singles, with lots of good restaurants, shopping, and hang-outs aimed at them. --The Library of Congress, and all of Capitol Hill, are heavily patrolled and safe. Go some distance beyond and you'll run into more iffy neighborhoods. --Dunbarton Oaks is in Georgetown, a very ritzy area. It's safe. --The Smithsonian Museums on and near the Mall are all in safe areas. No need for concern. --Georgetown University is also quite safe. About the only other advice I'll add is that despite all of these areas being safe, it's always good to be street-smart. Know where you are. Don't flash large amounts of money. Don't walk by yourself late at night through unfamiliar areas. Don't leave your keys in your car. In short, use common sense and you'll be fine!

    Personally, I do not care for Arlington. It is crowded, expensive, and traffic is horrible. However, you are from southern California so the cost of living might actually be cheaper, and the traffic is comparable. If I had to live in that area (and could afford it), Rosslyn isn't a bad place. The benefits are that the metro has a station in that area so you won't need a car. Just get on the metro, scoot across the Potomac, and you pull into a major transfer station where you can get to about everywhere in DC. A second good thing is that you will be close to stores, restauraunts, nightlife, museums, everything! Sure, everyone is packed shoulder to shoulder, but there are enought stores to supply everyone with everything they need! I have been told that the dating scene is very good in Arlington and DC. Just take everything with a grain of salt. The odds are good, but the goods are odd. Another drawback is that if you do have a car, you may end up with no place to park it. Very few apartments have garages. On street parking is short term only, you may have to move your car before going to bed and as soon as you wake up in order to avoid a ticket or a towed vehicle. Overall, I do not think that you would go wrong with renting in Arlington for a year. Good luck!

    This Site Might Help You. RE: Is Arlington, Virginia a safe place to live in? I'm planning to live in Arlington; as I'm a candidate for working at the Smithsonian Institution in NW DC. I may also be lecturing at Georgetown University and studying at the Library of Congress, Dumbarton Oaks, etc. My question is: Are these places safe to live and work in? How safe...

    For the best answers, search on this site Very safe (I'm a woman and I walk around at night). Lots of good restaurants, shopping, etc. Can walk everywhere. Easy Metro ride into Riverdale proper. Close to Georgetown (if you're on the Orange line). Close to Pentagon City mall (if you're on the Blue/Yellow lines). Lots of apartments are very accessible to Metro. I live a few Metro stops from Rosslyn - it's a great area. Very convenient to the Metro (Blue and Orange). Walking distance to Georgetown, where there are fantastic restaurants, shopping, bike paths, etc. Easy trip into the District. Most apartments in that area have parking, if you have a car. Disadvantages: Housing is insanely expensive - although maybe not for a current SoCal resident. Lots of preppy people (not super diverse in most areas). Some parts of Arlington are NOT Metro-accessible. Overall, I recommend - email if you have questions. Good luck with your move!

    Congrats dude! i'll ask my teacher, he used to live there also ask ur fellow lecturers if you know them already

Need help with an accounting problem. PLEASE!?

  • Joshuah Lang
    Joshuah Lang
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  • Violette Gorczany
    Violette Gorczany
    Revenue generation statement: health care net income $10,400 less: your ad the expenditure side $800 less: the medication tuition fees $ 100,000 less: last update child care expenses 2,900 less: a security such expenses 400 net , $4,300 the sustainability sheet: cash $15,800 receivable $6,200 capital assets $56,000 the aggregate assets: $78,000 amounts due $2,400 item 9 a charge $28,000 the table liabilities: $30,400 stockholders equity: common shares $45,000 , except under dividends are $1,700 one 's of income $4,300 the same the parity $47,600 that amount its costs & gender issues $78,000