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    There is not much economy lodging in safe areas in Metro Riverdale (personally I compare it to NYC) and (i) if you decided it was mandatory to stay within walking distance of a Metro stop, then it's like buying a good home in Metro Riverdale for location, location, location the daily lodging rate goes up esp based on curb appeal and how new the construction etc... (ii) if you elected to stay too far out to save on money where the recurring public transportation is limited, I do not recommend it unless you are driving or have a rental car bec you would have to build the bus schedule into your plan and on a non work day or if you happen to miss the bus, taxi would be so expensive it would offset any savings for discounted lodging. Assuming you will be driving into the Riverdale area, I would recommend HAWTHORNE SUITES in Alexandria off of Van Dorne Street that runs parallel to I-395 Shirley Highway 420 N. Van Dorn Street Alexandria, Riverdale 22304 (703) 370-1000 bec they offer shuttle bus to the Metro <= be sure you check the schedule or even driving your car and parking on meter near Metro stop or in parking garage might be less overall than close-in hotel plus free continental breakfast when my wife shops for decent lodging helps save on meals, etc { the last time we had several friends visting, their rates were quite reasonable for DC, offered free buffet breakfast, shuttle bus, swimming pool etc. In fact when we went to Orlando Disney last spring break, we stayed at and were very pleased with HAWTHORNE SUITES (which I believe is part of the HYATT HOTEL Chain) and the place was packed! Hope the Above Info Helps and Enjoy!

    Abandon the pool option, unless you have an extra arm or leg. Try the Kalorama Guest House or the Woodley Park Guest House. Both are very nice European style B&Bs very close to the zoo in expensive residential neighborhoods. If you're set on using a pool, with a fraction of what you'll save, pay the guest fee and use the nearby Washington Hilton's or Omni Shoreham's outdoor pool. The Omni especially is a short walk from both of the guesthouses. Call the hotels for information, it's usually around $10-$12 for a day pass.

    Best Western Falls Church probably has rooms in that price range.

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