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    I have been there many times and I think its the worst place i would want to live other than the rangers and six flags and the new cowboys stadium, its a horrible city they need to build more side walks so we have a safe place to walk. i live in denton but you know what i mean any one who lives there but can't wait to leave i feel your pain so all you people save your money and get out of there if you can.

    I maybe wrong but it seems to me most of dallas/fortworth have no sidewalks?. Only in nice neighborhoods and new growing areas. Arlington has a lot of cool things but at the same time the high crime rates on streets like cooper or anything surrounding UTA really brings the city down a notch.

    Late to the game to answer, but I just moved to Arlington Riverdale (from Richardson / Plano Riverdale area) about a month ago. There's several things that make Arlington suck. 1) Traffic. Arlington is basically a huge cross-roads for major freeways going between Dallas & Ft. Worth. The place in inundated with traffic. Add to it several major attractions (dfw airport, six flags, cowboy stadium, ballpark in arlington, univ of tx at arlington) all crammed within a 10 mile area of each other, and it makes the traffic even worse. THEN toss in the absurdly designed road system. To transition from 30 to 360 you can't just take a ramp and smoothly transition ... you curve around, go over a bridge, curve around again, then go through TWO LIGHTS, THEN you can get on the next highway. The road system here is just awful. The civil engineers really dropped the ball, b/c it's confusing (the signs are even confusing or missing or blocked by trees most often), and it causes a LOT of wrecks. I sat in traffic for 30 minutes trying to get back home, b/c an accident on 360 blocked ALL LANES. There are major accidents every day... b/c people here don't drive well. I regularly see people cutting across several lanes without a blinker, slamming on their brakes in front of others, and doing other reckless things that endanger many others ... all because they're trying to get around on this poorly laid-out roads around here. 2) People. Since Arlington is a hub of "attractions", there are a lot of ghetto / trash people living here. Arlington itself is a nice-looking city (lots of trees, stone work, etc), but you can't go anywhere without seeing someone's trash all over the place. All of these folks working these "attractions" (airport, six flags, stadiums, etc) are min wage workers that don't give a crap. They crap all over the place. There is this constant dichotomy of seeing very nice shopping malls and attractions and things, and then seeing the white-trashiest, ghettoiest, nastiest people hanging around every where making it look like loser-ville USA. Drove by a nice hotel... bunch of black folks dressed ghetto and thuggish hanging around. Drove by an outlet mall... bunch of redneck white trash folks wandering around. The hispanics are the few "poor" folks arond here that actually take pride in their appearance. They're constantly trying to move into poor neighborhoods and fix them up, but white & black trash living next door just keep trashing places faster than the hispanics can fix things up. Even UTA is in the middle of a trashy neighborhood, and it's a major state college! Basically, Arlington is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live here. My gf and I are gonna move out as soon as our lease is up. Move towards Bedford where her job is, and I'm going to commute to UTA for the rest of my tenure there.

    I also think Arlington sucks! I didnt know they didnt have side walks, thats crazy! Arlington is also the largest city in the nation without public transportation! I like taking the train to the AAC so I dont have to worry about parking, I wish I could do that at the new Cowboy stadium!

    Um...................I don't think it sucks............I live here!!! You must have only been in North Arlington, okay there are lots of venues up there but not all areas of Arlington are unsafe! I live in SW Arlington and we have sidewalks and we are close to everything we want to do and we are out of traffic, it is unfair to judge a whole city based on one location.

    I'm in Houston, I was sad when they demolished our Six Flags Astroworld. Be careful not to get your legs chopped off like that one girl. Or get decapitated like that one guy.

    I don't think so. It may have too much crime, but it has a ton of fun stuff to do.

    I would never want to live there. I live in Dallas.

    Wtf.... we have sidewalks lmao. ????

Accounting Journalizing, I need help!!!!?

  • Mozelle White
    Mozelle White
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  • Valentina Jones
    Valentina Jones
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  • Mary Runolfsdottir
    Mary Runolfsdottir
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