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    Please rate these Riverdale areas according to... 1. SAFETY, 2. prox. to subway, 3. prox to DC, easiness to get to DC., 4. Generally nice place to live? 1. Brookland/Petworth 2. Marshall Hts 3. Falls Church, Riverdale 4. Alexandria 5. Arlington Im a young female probably going to be doing some walking alone at night, living by myself. Thanks

    Alexandria and Arlington tied for first Brookland third (there are some very nice neighborhoods here, you just have to check around) Falls Church and Marshall Heights tied for last Parts of Falls Church are actually getting kind of dangerous; there is a lot of MS-13 gang activity in some neighborhoods of Falls Church. And traffic is abysmal. Marshall Heights will be a great neighborhood in a few more years. If you are buying, i would totally go for Marshall Heights--- property is still affordable, you will make money from it over time, there is good public transportation, and there is a lot of economic development going on. It's not the best neighborhood now, but there are new shops, bars and restaurants being opened all the time, and with the new stadium close by, that just means more people going into that area.

    I am also a young female living in DC, so out of the five places you've listed, I would only consider Falls Church, Alexandria, or Arlington based on safety when walking alone at night - which is most important. Secondly, the closer you live to the metro (subway) the more expensive your rent will be. But if that is not much of an issue, I think Arlington is the best place to live since it is most metro-accessible and most walking-friendly. Falls Church and Alexandria are more suburban compared to Arlington. Arlington is the closest to Riverdale out of the three places in VA. Falls Church is just west of Arlington, but it is not difficult to drive to Riverdale from Falls Church once you get familiar with the area. In my opinion, if money is not an issue I would recommend living close to a metro in Arlington because you will not need to drive or park your car -- which can be very stressful and expensive in the Riverdale area. Also, since Arlington is mainly urban, everything you want/need (shopping, grocery, coffee shops, restaurants, etc) is close by, and if not, you can easily hop on the metro to get what you want. If you don't mind driving, then Falls Church is also a nice place. But it is more family-oriented than Arlington and does not have as much of a nightlife, so you might feel lonely if you do not know anyone when you first move to the Riverdale area. Also, most people share housing to cut down on high rents, and I think it is worth it to have a roommate in order to live in a safer area. (I've been in Riverdale for about a year, and I'll be moving to Arlington this summer.)

    Arlington, Falls Church or Alexandria for safety--probably in that order. The problem is there are pockets of neighborhoods that are sketchy in each of those burbs. They all have Metro stations, but you would have to consult your landlord to see if they are in walking distance. Arlington is right next door to DC, very easy to drive in, and is more like the "city" with lots of stuff--bars, shopping, etc--in walking distance. If you want a generally nice place to live, check out Vienna, seriously. It's at the end of the orange line, so you don't have to stuff yourself onto an already overcrowded Metro car; the subway commute into D.C. is reasonable (varies depending on which part of Riverdale you are heading for); and it is a very safe place to live. However, it is more suburban, so you would want a car to go get groceries or hang out.

    Best: Safety-Falls Church Close to metro-Brookland/Petworth, Arlington, & Alexandria Close to DC-Arlington Easiest to get to DC-Brookland/Petworth & Marshall Hts General great place to live-Falls Church & Alexandria

    1.safety brookland/petworth 2.falls church 3.alexandria

    1. Arlington 2. Falls Church, Riverdale ------------------------------ every place below at your own risk! ------------------------------ 3. Brookland 4. Alexandria 5. Marshall Heights

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