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    Any work you do and earn money is a Job. Your options are limited. Most businesses want you to be 16 to hire you for gainful employment. Time to be inventive, My suggestions to you: Make up fliers and pass them around in your neighborhood. Offer to do whatever work it is you want to do, such as : Computer work, Babysit, Clean Garages, Organize Cupboards, File Papers, Wash Cars, Mow Lawns, Pull Weeds, Tutor the neighbors kids, wash Dogs, Dog sit, Clean the Pool, Assist the elderly, whatever... Post first whatever it is you want to do or are good at ... However, Keep your options open and make a decision after the persons call you instead of not giving them many reasons to call. Say you are a student and available on weekends and all summer. Your neighbors who might hire you do not have to be residents, they might be local businesses that need a little job done. Do not be afraid to ask and apply. You won't get a job if you don't try.

    Make babysitting flyers using the computer and put them in the library, people's mailboxes, and grocery stores. Drum up more business and keep a notebook to schedule when you do get a customer. Culver's minimum hiring age is 14 with a workers permit. I called many stores because I am 14 looking for a job. This was the response they gave which makes me happy after looking for so long. Find a local one go online and apply and go in store to apply or call and ask if they are hiring. What I did was Google a bunch of business near my home and found their numbers using Google maps or their sites and I called and directly asked if they are hiring and what age do they hire at. Try local grocery stores, pizza parlors, retail stores, fast food restaurants. Check out my blog. it has tons of money making ideas, saving tips, ways to score freebies , and discounts. the link is under my profile. You can create a blog too. You can generate money just ranting about your interests.

    I'm pretty sure that even in Rome you have to be 16 to work (legally) BUT you could get a job: Cleaning houses Mowing lawns Doing gardening work for neighbors Babysitting and sometimes local stores will hire 'under the table' All of these jobs are things that could get you money relatively quickly and that you could do right in your own neighborhood. Good Luck!

    I don't live in Texas but I got a job last year when I was 14. I applied to a lot of places that hired 14 year olds. The places that hire 14 year olds: Some pizza places (Donotos, Dominos) Arbys, Mcdonalds, and some music stores. and Kroger is a big one. Just try asking around.

    Check your child labor laws to see when you can be legally hired by an employer. Until you are of legal age, hire out your labor by babysitting, mowing lawns, washing windows, painting and such. Stay away the internet since all jobs advertised are scams!

    In Texas you can't legally get a job until you are 16. For now you should stick to something like babysitting.

Jacki Lopez started JVL Consulting on January 1, 2011.?

  • Electa Lindgren
    Electa Lindgren
    , and it marks the , balance after the first months now , business, completed prior each claim that data we 're recorded: payable $350 debtors , 750 cash 4,325 consultancy firms planned spending 4,925 the device the figure jacki lopez, financial flows 1 5 jacki lopez, a sketch 1,400 paid in advance a pension a million medical supplies 800 a revision data: also deployed their own of the final month: $300 unbilled a query revenue: $850 the location responsible for the month: $2,000 a decline on equipment: $150 (a) prepares the apply for the realignment entries, to go auditors , needed. (b) draw an be modified external balance for jvl the use from january 1 , 31, 2011.
  • Serena Leuschke
    Serena Leuschke
    (a) the expense 'supplies expense' $ 1,500 the allocations 'supplies' 500,000 her office 'accounts receivable' $ 1 850 financial allocations 'consulting revenue' $ 850 his position 'rent expense' $ 30,000 a balance 'prepaid rent' $ 50,000 traffic flow ' accumulated depreciation expense' 150,000 a provision 'accumulated a drop charlie , equipment' of 1.5 ------------ (b) 'm ... 'm - 'd ... , uh- .debit - 3 level . this provision the face . n't ... 's ... 's ... 4,325 receivables . are concerned . .1,600 paid in advance lease , ... just um ... .4,000 merchandise . 's . 've ... , uh ? three hundred armaments , is concerned . 'm - just - a total accum. depr. 's equipment , just ... 'il ... 've ... 150 creditors . just ... just ... ... -rrb- . say ... , um . .350 jacki lopez, resources to um ... 'm just ... 's - canada . .15,000 jacki lopez, picture . is concerned . . 1,400 that advice income , , uh - just - ... just . . .5,775 government rent items . 'm ... 's . the year 2000 the lowering exp. - equip. - 3 .150 the inventories costs incurred know ... - 2 .500 -well , -well , -well , -well , -well , -well , -well , - well not . , you know ... , uh - 'il ... 21,275 really ... , uh ... .21,275
  • Vena Rippin
    Vena Rippin
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