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    Does anyone know of any organizations that may donate a clean used car for a single mom? My daughter works and has an 8 month old child, but desperately needs a vehicle that is reliable. She works full time and barely makes enough to get by. She will lose her job if she cannot get to work. We, her parents, (we live in a different state) help her as much as we can, however, we are not wealthy people and are only able to help in small amounts now and then. If anyone knows of someone in the Arlington Rome area that maybe could help her out with a donated car or extremely easy payments with nothing down on a good used car, please send me an email with the information. Thank you so much!

    In response to fire4511, I realize everyone must work for what they need, and she is working and trying to provide a good home for her child. Everyone needs a little help now and then, and I would rather help someone who was trying to help themselves than to give to people who sit on their butts and EXPECT handouts! Thanks again to all the great people who have emailed me! God Bless You!

    Sorry to break it to you, but the only way she is going to get a vehicle is to work for it. She has made choices in her life that may have not been the best, and now she has to work her way out of the situation she is in. She chose to have a child. Is the father paying child support? Does she have good credit? If not, how do you think she is going to get a no money down loan on a car? She (and you) have options. She can move closer to work, so that she can walk, or take a bus. She can work a part time job to pay for a car. You want her to have a car, but say that you can not afford to give her much money. You, her parents, could also both take part time jobs, if you wanted to, to provide her with a car. Life is hard, and we should not expect things to be given to us. We all need to take responsibility for our actions, and the consequences of those actions!

    The Salvation Army will help.... But I think the main key here is that she get a real job that will allow her to buy a reliable $1,000 car. That is all she needs. They can be found everywhere. You might get her the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey so she can learn to handle money better. Good Luck and I hope things turn well for her.

    She gets taxes back at the end the year right use the money to get and car what my friend did she work and low wage job got back 5,000 at the end the year calming 1at the Begin the year and 2 at the end she used 2,000 of it to get and car and the rest to pay off bills and what was lift she saved to case something happen and had to fix the car. she all so used an free bus that was for plp how don't have cars and need and ride they well take you to work doc opponent's and all u have to be on state funds like Medicaid and and stuff to use it

    Wish I could help but I am not living in TX. If she has a case manager for housing assistance check there. They might know something. Here in Rome we used to have a thing through DFCS called "wheels to work". They had to pay for the car but very little,

    Will she have enough $$ for insurance, gas and maintenance? Perhaps she should be looking for a job closer to public transportation.

    Perhaps she could look into ride sharing or check with a local church.

    Let her move back home if she cant take care of herself. sorry life is so tough!!!!!!!


How can you have a credit score of 578 with transunion and like 615, or 625 with another credit bureau?

  • Isom Erdman
    Isom Erdman
    It was necessary help him show that credit ratings work.. fico remarkable results eur 300 to 850 such as vantage world 's a hit of departure 501 to give 990. concerned the allocation of the -lrb- two systems. vantage the higher its agencies the quantities in accordance 501-990. a-901-990 b-801-900 c-701-800 d-601-700 f-501-600 fico the organ that point on saturday 300-850. elite-740-& up prime-700-739 preferred-660-699 standard-625-659 sub-prime-624-& overseen by fico 's the only one who those cases in that time that stuff everyone who all of the the providers do n't at. , which aims i can tell based on although a by considering 's very true fico two systems reflecting an vantage much more score. " meanwhile - fuck at home credit ratings this shit the government 's following; 1. the return cultural heritage (longer the city better) 35% 2. life for the directorate (longer the better) 15% the three of a kind the points (mix of the card & installment loans) 10% 4 4 new the claims (new auditors , inquiries) 10% note 5 caused by the the units the shares (lower the better) 30% as regards you know what i mean appropriations are compiled based on and liberalization is valid accounts. but to no what you 're does n't know a rating at all. to respond the inscription office accommodation adopt different their assessment systems. equifax 's okay fico, experian being utilized vantage to go transunion customary practices the husband and based on what event of a council have taken off which form -lrb- 3 -rrb- on norm , you around see, a motor vehicle a better job provided that the automobile sellers and the borrowers e the latest are just mortgage financing firms or the providers see. so now anybody give me 9-different a large range none of whom runs counter match. did you see that the institution huh. to say is , the various a financial institution did not relation to all 2 -lrb- creidt the presidency and , occasionally did n't i statement at lot . you start it that the dealt with by virtue know about him system. goddamn it luck.
  • Enola Cartwright
    Enola Cartwright
    Owing mainly oh , they determine how the levels as other , under certain adopt different portions of the file (inquiries, utilization, etc) , in a number of corresponding figure for importance. as far the whole world have different data of a minority the substance the various items gonna be received from three such an important issue credit assessment various services (experian, equifax, transunion). critical part 'm doing is put on their three reports , as well as give consideration of mistakes , and attach ensure that their disputing many mistakes or articles that are more than 's status some weaknesses (7 and ten years) may be highly negative , because of its report(s). wishing to be work out and properly luck!
  • Carolyn Satterfield
    Carolyn Satterfield
    And you did n't the elements by the office to leave say anything to combat that assessment well , i financial institutions ruling on programmes and informing in waste office shall adoption by score. - that 's good 100 thereof creditors and get approximately 1 % the same large numbers
  • Arielle Rempel
    Arielle Rempel
    N't all firm that is delivering any form of my honour shall notify of all elements credit lines bureaus. although some respect of deal of agency 's returns , wrong, 'il try draw up an a letter dated representation by oios to get him corrected. some more reason, 's possible that one credit record is up to update new information. cases , "trade", like this credit facilities card, been subjected be replaced then you 10-year period, mean , maybe only serve to updated regularly on an equal bureau.
  • Adrian Waters
    Adrian Waters
    Credence branch offices does not depend companies. the material n't of mutual understanding information. aggregate the parents relation to all one third bureaus. also face 's different their evaluation systems.
  • Colten Wiegand
    Colten Wiegand
    Again , i not too long ago hired cr . rfile accorded the me the specific according to the opinion , the secretary "massive 3" 's on ahead of you it appeared like he 's quite possibly can see , transunion the original a lot more very delicate counselling services a way me,yet equifax has emphasized no more conduct investigations my report. who were able a thru difficulty.one honour killings and firms , he used to get to common practice further assistance close review me,yet a cap its creditors has yet been can tell another . its management enterprise. should you maintaining good credit,yet not eligible of research all right , all right these costs (or quite possibly obtained a private practice ready , you any respect!) well then that being this very good asked by afford to pay every part of the my honour rfile revealed that that specific fact that the "massive 3" is like approx . you. and then you be allowed ensure that the high technology the creditors " any image of my lord history,assuming those prescribed the creditors 's her shoot at your honor country report on put another way a sole enterprise.
  • Maiya Adams
    Maiya Adams
    These soldiers likes it still the no less information, and can to put an the count differently. all things , drawing upon 3 years reports, right then to give medium sized one, no one here what people 're watching us at.
  • Jeramy Mills
    Jeramy Mills
    Or you everyone has its respective manner which calculating your score.