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    But we are trying to figure out where in Texas we want to move.I say Arlington/Dallas area because i have family down there that say the job market isn't bad in that area.I can find a decent home for my budget (50000) there as well. My wife keeps looking at Austin and San Antonio.Don't know why other than the nice houses in San Antonio that fit my budget. corpus christi and houston texas have been considered also. what do you think? Where is the best place to move to in Texas that has a good job market, low crime rate, and good schools?

    Austin is better than Arlington or Dallas. However, in the Dallas area, Plano, Allen, Richardson, Carrollton, Wylie, Rockwall, and Grapevine are all excellent places to live with good schools, low crime and reasonable housing costs. If you look in Plano and Allen (Best schools), the East side of Central Expressway is a good place to look for lower prices. For lower crime, make sure you live further away from major highways. More crime occurs near the highways. This website will help with your search for homes you can afford. Affordability Calculator of Living Calculator Magazine "Best Places to Live"

    The best area, in my opinion, is the Hill country: Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos, etc. My son and wife live in Austin and love it. Forget Houston and Corpus - they are the pits (again, in my opinion). Arlington is Rome but I would take either Austin or San Antonio.

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    Kiana Stamm
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