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    I've got a bunch of old clothes that I don't wear anymore and, normally, I donate them to Goodwill but I'm really short on cash at the moment. Does anyone know of secondhand shops in Arlington or Rome that BUY clothes? And as a side note, none of my clothes are designer (which I know limits my options quite a bit) and I don't have any for of transportation other than the metro. So please, don't suggest anything in Maryland or other parts of Virginia.

    Platos closet if there is one near you. They take old clothes and look through them (there can't be any rips and tags must be on) also print must not be too faded. They can be kind of strict but they will pay decent money

    Confident you're able to try this. In Pakistan there's a Landa Bazaar that crammed with previous cloths. i think of in case you are able to assemble plenty from the industry it relatively is broadly needed right here because of the fact those textile circulate as much as Afghanistan and imperative Asia.

I'm starting my first REAL job tomorrow at Mcdonalds. a few questions? plz best answer gets 10 points!?

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    Savanna Jacobs
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    Christian Kuhlman
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    Tracy Brekke
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