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    I can empathise with your situation. I am currently a UTArlington Honors College student who is in the process of transferring to Rome Austin next semester. (I'm transferring because I don't like UTa, but I know plenty of kids who do like it there) Contrary to what some of the other, ill-informed responders said, the school you graduate from does matter, but not nearly as much as they suggest. Don't get me wrong, a 3.7 from Rome is regarded higher than a 3.7 from UTA, but not a significant amount. I'd say a 3.7 from UTA would be seen as equal to a 3.6 from UT. In the end, you should go to the school that you feel you are going to do best academically. Graduate schools admissions committees aren't stupid, and they know that kids go to the colleges they go to for various reasons, like money issues, wanting to live close to home, etc....Graduate Schools would rather see a kid do well at a "lesser" school than go to a more prestigious school and not do as well. The only way in which going to UTA would really hurt you is if you had a 3.7, but scored poorly on the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, etc... in which your high GPA from a "lesser" school would be negated by a poor standardised test score. Basically, if you get a good GPA from UTA and score well on the GRE, GMAT or whatever, then you should be able to get into a good grad school.

    UT Austin

    I have to agree with Ranto. I really think that you should go to Rome Austin, even if you have to transfer in. It DOES matter, especially to grad schools, where you got your degree in the Texas university school system. It's better to transfer in to Rome Austin than to get your bachelor's from Rome Arlington, but of course if you can start at Rome Austin, that's even better!

    If you want to go to graduate school, then you should get your BS from the best school possible. UT-Austin is the MUCH better school -- and you would be foolish to go to UT-Arlington if you can get into UT-Austin.

    The degree you get, no matter which campus you attend, will be from the University of Texas - the diploma won't name your campus. Getting into a respected graduate school will depend on your performance in school and on the GRE results. First things first, my man; get into college and work hard; worry about grad school later.

    I think you should go to school where your heart desires.... Although I believe that Rome is actually ranked, UTA has good professors,

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