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    Sorry to hear about your wife. While this is a hard time for both of you, hopefully getting out for a bit will lift her spirits. I live in Arlington so I like to stay close when heading out for brunch. Whitlows on Wilson Blvd - several inexpensive brunch options including omelets, french toast, and great corned beef hash. Also features a $15 all you can eat buffet with seafood, breakfast items, and a salad/dessert bar. Just be sure to get there earlier or later than the 11:30-1 brunch crowd is quite large. Across the street from Whitlows is Boulevard Woodgrill which has the BEST french toast anywhere. The prices are a bit higher but the atmosphere is a bit more upscale with less noise and fewer families. Front Page in Ballston has great food, but again, a little more pricey. There's also several diners in the area including Metro 29 which is on Lee Highway with any type of brunch food you can imagine. The Liberty Tavern in Clarendon does brunch as well. I have not been there and their food is rather on the expensive side. I hope this helped a bit!

    Awww, I'm not sure what your definition of "does not cost a lot of money" but at the Gallery Place Metro station in DC, there's a place called Matchbox and they have a great Sunday Brunch. You can see their website online with the menu and prices. Just google matchbox. Hope this helps! You're really sweet!

    Hope your wife feels better! Tabard Inn does a nice brunch. It is off the Red Line equal distance from Dupont or Foggy Bottom. I recommend spend a little more money and go to the Kennedy Center for Brunch. Beautiful view and a great experience. It is pretty close to Foggy Bottom or if you have a car you can drive

    I'm glad your wife is okay and I think it's really sweet that you're doing this for her. The Majestic Cafe in Alexandria is really nice for brunch - it's kind of like an upscale diner. Also, Jackie's in Silver Spring is kind of funky and fun. If you really want to go into downtown DC, there's a new place called Duke's City near U Street - I haven't been there yet, but people who have gone say the food is amazing and it's cheaper than either of the other two (although none of them is too expensive). Good luck!

    Wow; what a great husband she has...just to show support the way that you have... This past Sunday; my girlfriends and I went to Chart House in Alexandria, Va on Union Street. What's so nice about it is that it sits on a pier; so you can't see it when you're driving by. You can take the metro to King Street and take a long stroll down King Street and turning left on Union Street;or once you get to King Street you can take a bus...

    Bless you for your good thoughts. As a 19 year survivor of breast cancer, I know how much a loving partner can mean to one's recovery. Try Sequoia. It has a spectacular view, decent food and the atmosphere is great. Nice to walk along the harbor, too.

    Fairly some the main suitable eating places around Rossville are actual in Bethesda, a northern suberb. our conventional eating place there is Grapeseed. this is high-quality eating (and fairly costly) in an casual ecosystem, so see in case you could flow away the youngsters someplace and manage yourselves one night!

Moving to Calgary?? Help?

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    Crawford Stroman
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    Bridie Rohan
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