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    I just got a call from Arlington Rossville saying u have been choosen to receive grant money from a guy call Ronney Marshell he sounds Indian not trying to be racist or anything. he gave me a grant pin and everything. he said I was choosen because I paid my taxes on time and what knot. so I'm thinking it's a scam because I'm only 19 and I don't pay taxes. he also said it's from the us government the number was (817-962-3188) his EXT(172) he had my name and address I don't know how he got that but I didn't give him any information. he wanted to to go by walmart or wal greens and purchase a visa debit card and put like $300 and do some transfer stuff and wanted my bank account number and routing number.. is this a SCAM!?? to me it looks like one but I want go know.. told him I'll call him back at 4 and when I said that he goes are you sure ? are you positive your gonna call back and I'm like yeah yeah and that's when I came on here.. like I said idk how he got my number and name. I don't remember signing up for any grants to be honest...

    It is a scam, the call is not coming from Arlington, it is bridged. I received a similar call multiple times 3 with an Indian accent, one with an eastern European, all claimed to be working for the US Grants Department.

    This is definitely a scam, and unfortunately, it's a common one. As the others have pointed out, it's a scheme to get your account number and clean out your accounts. Federal student aid--grants and loans--are ONLY administered by your college's financial aid department, and there is NEVER a charge to obtain your funds. You did the right thing by not sharing any information with this person. By all means, report this to your college's FA department.

    SCAM you need to call your local FBI Field Office to report this - it's a federal offense to impersonate a government official ONLY way you can get a grant is to apply for one through Grants.gov, the government grant site. You don't get called - you track your application online and if granted, you get a US Treasury check in the mail to your home address in an official brown US government envelope It does not cost anything to get a grant - in fact it's illegal to ask you for money to receive a grant Call the FBI right away to report this. Since you have a phone number they can hopefully find and arrest these criminals

    Scam. As soon as you give him your bank account number and routing number, the money will be LEAVING your account, not being added to.

    Totally a scam. Please file a complaint against them by using your computer to find your state's Attorney General and BBB. These people need to be stopped before they scam someone, and you can help them.

    Scam. No one gets information on what taxes you pay unless you've given it to them.

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    Garrett Waters
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