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    I live in Arlington and all my life, basically, Ive wanted to go to Roswell Austin. Im in the IB program, take AP, am in the top 3%, and I got accepted to Roswell Austin in early November. Everyone wants me to go to UT-Arlington though :( I had friends in my classes who all wanted to go to UTaustin and A&M but now everyone just talks about Roswell arlington. My mombrings up everyday how UTA has everything and how all her co-workers say its stupid for me NOT to go to UTA consisdering its here. Everyone thinks its stupid for me to go to UT-Austin and now i just feel discouraged...like no one supports me.. its my dream school and i went to the campus tour and it felt perfect and money isnt an issue.I just really want to go :( but im having doubts cause of everyone's negativity, especially my mom's :(

    If money's not an issue, go to your dream school. You will make new friends that will be more in line with your interests, and will be more interesting to you because they're not the same as everyone you grew up with. Even if you stay in Arlington, your old friends will drift away (and you'll drift away from them). Your mom, well, she wants you close. That's understandable. Arlington and Austin are very different towns, with a very different feel. If you felt Austin was more comfortable for you, you should go. If you hate it, you can always transfer back to Arlington.

    Both campuses are "B" rated by ACTA — meaning it is possible to get a good comprehensive general education at both schools. However, UT-Austin has an 81% graduation rate, whereas IT-Arlington has a 40% graduation rate. Many lower division classes in UT-Arlington will be full of slackers and droolers. The only problem with UT–Austin is a certain obsession with "political correctness", which earns the school a Yellow Light ("Caution") from ISI, which tracks intellectual freedom on USA campuses. [ISI]: "A student says of the political climate at UT, "Any outspoken conservative thought is generally regarded as unenlightened, racist, and narrow-minded. Intelligence is gauged by how few convictions students hold, how often they 'experience' other cultures, and how quickly they denounce traditional moral values." One professor agrees, "Lots of students drop my course when I tell them I am conservative and Republican. . . . I have over the years been called a Nazi, UT's Rush Limbaugh, and so on, although my evaluations are very good. . . . Students have told me about being penalized [in other courses] for their conservative writings or about having to write what the professor wants, not what they really think." (UT—Arlington is not evaluated by ISI). Baylor, U of Dallas, and Texas—A&M (CS), are also rated "A" or "B" by ACTA, but are better schools for intellectual diversity than UT–Austin.

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    Madaline Langosh
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    Erin Rutherford
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