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    My friend just turned 18 but people still mistake her for an 8th grader (she is really short). Shes staying with her parents till college starts up. She told them she was gonna get a lip ring and they told her she couldn't. She retorted "I'm 18 I can decide for myself!" Her parents SNUCK Roswell HER ROOM and went through her stuff. They took her Roswell and said they would give it back when she went off to college. She has the money and she is old enough but no one will believe her without ID. She really wants the lip piercing. Are there any piercing parlors in Arlington Roswell that don't really ask for parental permission? PS preferably near a restaurant so we can eat beforehand (I'm going with her when she gets it done)

    There is no such thing as a reputable and safe piercer that won't check for ID. They aren't just going to take her word for it...

    Honestly, if a place doesn't ask for parental permission, it's sketchy. Can't she get another ID?

    No place will do it without ID.If she has a license she can use that.

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