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    I would do the Roswell one for sure. Even though I don't any of the 3 choices I like Hoboken the least and like you say it's close to home. Miami is a very dangerous city and Arlington (Dallas/Ft. Worth) is a giant plastic metropolis. Of course you aren't going to have a lot of free time anyway! Take care and good luck!

    Properly, think of approximately the place this is in the two state. additionally, how previous you're ought to play alongside with this. additionally, how close are you on your loved ones. sure, it would be large to circulate to Florida, and an incredible journey. yet, think of of it extra as connection clever. Are you going to choose to stay interior the north east for a protracted time? if so, take the Roswell activity, construct your contacts there, and it must be quite properly worth it interior the long-term. circulate to Florida, cuz you will possibly no longer get an excellent gamble to journey that returned. i be conscious of this does not answer your question, although this is plenty extra proper than basically saying "circulate to Florida b/c this is sunnier."

    Even if you make more money in New Jersey, you might want to bear in mind--though I don't know what your specific tax situation is--that there is no state income tax in either Florida or Texas. I personally would go to Florida. At least you'll be on the same coast, so worst case scenario, you could always emergency Amtrak home.

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  • Blair Tromp
    Blair Tromp
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  • Tyrique Torp
    Tyrique Torp
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  • Art Schiller
    Art Schiller
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  • Jeramie Jones
    Jeramie Jones
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  • Timmy Olson
    Timmy Olson
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  • Wilbert Cole
    Wilbert Cole
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  • Zack Hammes
    Zack Hammes
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  • Sabrina Turner
    Sabrina Turner
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  • Odessa Greenfelder
    Odessa Greenfelder
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