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    I have no idea how much that is now in uk but my husband and I make about £25000 between us with him working, me doing part time, student loan money, child benefit (everyone gets it in uk £80 a month) and child care tax credits. We are always ok and that would work out the same as what your saying. I also do waitressning, online surveys and amazon + ebay selling. Buy stuff from charity shops and you can make profit on ebay and the charity can benefit too. I have made about £300 since xmas doing that but majority of that was books and ex dressing up outfits from nights out

    That depends on the cost of living where you are. Around here, $35,000 is a good salary and a family can do quite well with that income. If you guys can live alright on that income, go for it! But if not... you may have to work. The economy sucks and the cost of living in some places is super high. I used to think that anyone could stay home if they really wanted to, but that simply isn't so, not anymore! We are middle class - I am at home with my kids. Daycare is costly, and even if it wasn't I'd rather raise them myself instead. I know them, I love them....they need me and I know I can raise them better than a daycare could. You can't be a homemaker and also advance in a career at the same time unless you work from home. You can't be in two places at once.

    It depends on so many things. If you are really committed to being a SAHM parent, there are things you can do to cut expenses and things that can bring some money into the household. Certain careers can be maintained or even advanced while working from home. They key is WORKING from home. I had a home based business for a number of years, and it does not grow do have to put in the time to making calls, keeping records, etc. The wonderful part of working at home is that you can make calls even if you haven;t showered, and you can do the bookkeeping after the kids are in bed at night. The down side of working at home is that the work is always can be difficult to "end" your workday and give your family all the attention they deserve. So to answer the original question - is it fair? Well if you are willing to do what is necessary to put food on the table, sure it is.

    Sure it is fair if you are willing to go without so that your kids don't have to. If you choose not to get your hair and nails done or new expensive clothes or gadgets; then yes. If you can happily support your family on $35,000 a year then why not. You will be saving in daycare cost and other no longer needed expenses. However, if you are a stay at home mom you should not be putting your child in daycare and how can you advance in your career if you are staying home? Do you plan on working at home or having a part time job?

    Does 35,000 go far where you live? Will your job let you work part time? The Goddard School in Saint Marys costs somewhere between $900-$1000 for full time daycare per month. Can you afford to work with daycare cost? My husband stayed home for the 1st year. We both work 3 days a week so one of us can always be home with our son. It works out. Craigslist is an excellent way to find a babysitter.

    You can do both! but not both at 100% and you can ask your husband anything! but talk about it! you will have to make some changes in the household if you want to make it off 35 a year! it's possible i supported my mom and me off less then that! i think i made almost 10 g's a year! and i supported two adults one with out medical insurence and with a heart issue! you might have to pick between cable tv and non cable tv you may have to give up your computer and just use your local library. you may have to share a car and not have two. then if times are hard you can get a part time job on the weekends for a little extra spending cash! but you will have to do the same if you want you child in day care i hear that stuff cost a lot! i'm lucky i live near family so wheni do have kids and we want more money i can have our parents help out! but we both feel at least one parent should be home so we will work stuff out with my boss and his boss and work from home if needed. i will go to the office 3 days out of the week and he will do the same that' leaves 1 day for a sitter! or we both share a day and each one of our moms get's the child 1 day a week (yeah moms can be jealous) you can be a home maker and advance in your career tho it's not easy and you may lack sleep. it might be best to wait on advancing your career untill kids go to school... then would be ideal! but that's just my personal opinon! good luck

    Depends on what the agreement was when you got married. I know some couples that agreed that she would be at home to raise the kids and he would work, and it works well for them. Sounds like you are working and have been the whole marriage and want to stop and be a SAHM. If you are asking is it fair to change your mind, and asking him to take on all the responsibility when he did not agree to it, no it isn't, that's a bait and switch. But it really does not matter, if you refuse to work what is he going to do? The law is on your side, he has to provide for you and the kids.

    Can you afford to live on that, where you live? What do you mean is it fair to ask? How could asking be unfair? Why wouldn't you discuss this, since it's a decision that effects the family, and therefore both of you need to weigh in. What do you mean "be a homemaker and advance in your career"? If homemaking is your career, there's no such thing as promotion.

    I can barely survive by myself on 35K a year.How do you expect to raise a family on that?Your not working would most likely put the family in a bind that could lead to divorce or welfare or both.If you want be a SAHM why not start your own daycare out of your home and make some money for the family.

    Even on that salary, it may be cheaper to have you at home than shelling out for daycare, which is not cheap. Most of the married women I know who work don't have careers, they just have jobs, and advancing doesn't seem to be something they worry about.