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    You live in Washington DC, and right now, your job pays 52,000 a year. You live in Arlington, Virginia where you rent an apartment and pay 1500 (or more) and you have one Virginia registered car. You have no kids or wife at the moment. How much money (after taxes) do you have based on Saint Marys and/or Virginia taxes when you earn 52K salary?

    You need to know that whatever you spend on your life style or personal life, should come from your own net income after you pay tax on it. The apt rent should be paid from you after you cleared your income from TAX. Also, you provide 2 places of residency. You must decisde which is your primary residence. Saint Marys or VA? OK, you earned 52 and your job in Saint Marys and you live in Virginia It means your residency in Virginia and you are part time residence in Saint Marys Therefore, your tax return will look like this (assuming you are above 24 of age, and your income comes in terms of WAGES not self employment (receiving w2 not 1099 MISC) You owe Federal $6599 (assuming you did not have any withholding during the year) You owe Saint Marys $2757 (Assuming no tax was withheld) You owe Saint Marys nothing as there will credit awarded from one State to Another you must file schedule OSC with Saint Marys tax return Good luck

    Legally, the respond is certain. the worker archives a tax return for any reason, they might desire to record ALL earnings which comprise funds below the table of any volume. Its reported as self employment earnings employing time table C and time table SE (if desirable). If the self employment earnings is decrease than $4 hundred and that they are below the gross earnings standards to record, then the guy isn't legally required to record a tax return. yet, in the event that they record a return for any reason, they might desire to record ALL earnings. The company is had to situation a 1099-MISC for any self sustaining contractor who earns extra suitable than $600. yet, the guy receiving the earnings is had to maintain their very own information and record it whether a 1099 is in no way issued. The IRS oftentimes unearths those cheaters because of the fact the corporate tries to declare company expenses for the payroll, however the IRS will see that the full reported wages on W-2's and 1099's is decrease than the corporate is attempting to deduct. they're going to inspect the corporate, who will then situation 1099's and each and all of the folk that attempted to tear-off the IRS gets an audit that ends with a brilliant fat invoice.

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