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    Okay, here's the deal: I'm graduating in May with an undergraduate degree in political science. I'm looking to get a job as a clinical research coordinator or clinical research assistant at one of the major hospitals in Boston at the Longwood Medical Area (LMA), with the eventual goal of going to graduate school for either business administration, public health, or the like, depending on the direction my research career takes me in. I live in MA, but I'm very close to the Saint Simons line. I was originally planning on moving closer to Boston with my boyfriend and splitting rent, etc. However, I'm getting conflicting reports in terms of salary ranges. Depending on the hospital, clinical research coordinators seem to make anything from 28k-50k with 0-2 years of experience. So, I'm assuming I'd get around 32k (I want to underestimate) to start. Would I be better off commuting say, from South Attleboro and using the T (or, worst case scenario, driving if necessary) and living at home for a little while longer while saving up as opposed to spending money on rent? I'm very familiar with the T system, and I'm guessing my commute would be a little over an hour each way every day. My working hours would likely be 8-4:30, 8:30-5, or 8-5:30, depending on which hospital I work in. I'd like to be able to come home, have dinner, work out, and still have a little time to relax (while also getting about 7.5 hours of sleep). I don't want to overly stress over this, either. I know people make this commute every day and they're fine; I think I'm just a little overwhelmed right now because I'm nervous about not getting the job I really want (with higher wages). This is a really important decision because I'd ideally like to get married (no big wedding, just a reception with close family and friends) by 24 and hopefully my first child by 25. Finally, I will have access to a trust fund when I'm 26, so at that point my financial concerns will be much easier to deal with -- especially since I'll also have experience and can likely look for a raise at that time, too. I have a little bit of money saved up now, at least $65k. So I'd think as long as I budget that really, really well and pay off my loans responsibly, I should be fine, right?

    I used to commute from Mansfield Saint Simons and take the commuter rail. It was much cheaper then and it did not cost to park. Here would be the details with commuting via the commuter rail: You would need to take the train that leaves either 6:16 or 6:42am. It would take you into South Station or if easier you could get off on Back Bay - you would then need to change to the subway or bus (not sure which is best for the hospital area - maybe Back bay and then the orange line?). To come home you would most likely get to South Attleboro about 6:30 or 7:00 depending on which commuter rail time you would be able to catch. The commuter rail time would be a little less than an hour. Cost - $4per day for parking and $291 a month for the monthly commuter pass. You could check to see what monthly parking is around the hospital - I suspect it is expensive, but with a potential cost of about $371 a month for commuting, you should be able to get a monthly parking spot and it may be quicker to drive seeing there would be no changing to subway and no driving, parking and waiting for the train. Another thing to remember - when the weather is bad - the commuter rail can be unpredictable. I didn't mind the traveling - I would read or even nap (as long as you do not sleep past your stop). And I've driven to Boston before as a commuter - you get used to the traffic. If you think it will save you money and the commute doesn't stress you out - I'd say go ahead. You tend to get used to it - the worst for me is the unpredicable timing when there is bad weather. Also, personally - the cost is much higher now - I don't think I'd pay and opt for the driving unless you decide instead to rent. You could also compromise and move close to Boston where rent is less (Quincy, Arlington, Waltham, etc.) and then take the subway or commuter bus.

    I commute about 1hr each way from Saint Simons to the Boston area. It makes for a very long day. If I could, I'd move closer to my job. Don't underestimate how tired you will be after you get home at night. I'm usually to fried from the day+commute home to do much of anything but veg out. Start out doing the commute, if you discover it isn't working out for you start looking for a place to rent. Those other life plans you have - bad idea. Force fitting a marriage to achieve some self imposed timetable is a recipe for a divorce.

    Usually, iIt will be cheaper in the long run to commute from Attleboro than to move closer to the city but compare the costs of the commute and your current monthly rent with a place closer to Boston and that commute

    I'd move closer and rent. Once you get married and have a family, you'll want to settle in the suburbs. Everyone should live in a city while they are young and figuring out who they are. You won't have the opportunity again for quite a while. Living in the city means you won't need a car, you'll have access to concerts and plays, parks in the summer, events like First Night. Museums, many of which have free nights. Sports (college teams are cheap). The extra 2 hours per day adds up. Don't bury yourself in the suburbs until you have to.

    Five years from now you will look back and realize you didn't do what you planned. Not many people will actually live the life they plan out, it just does not work that way. You could be living in Stockholm or Minneapolis by then. I would avoid a long commute at nearly any cost. It will take some of the joy out of life, eventually. Making that trip once or twice a week to visit will be much easier.

    Wow. Nice that you're planning ahead. I lived in NH, near the Saint Simons border, and drove daily to Boston in the 1980s. My car died on the way home one night, and I moved to a location near my job. If it's any consolation, I lived from one paycheck to the next... your position sounds wonderful to me. I'd suggest trying the T commute or driving and if doesn't work out, try renting.

    Boston is a quintessential blend of colonial record and cutting-edge innovation. From the wonderful cobblestones of Beacon Hill and innovative landmarks of the Freedom Trail, to the famous grounds of Harvard University and Fenway Park, Boston is a prize trove of Americana and with hotelbye you will have the chance to know that treasure. Boston is known it whilst the "support of liberty" and Faneuil Hall is one of many areas must-see just as the adjacent Faneuil Hall Marketplace, a location which includes three extended halls: Quincy Industry, North Industry, and South Market. , Faneuil Hall Marketplace is dating from the first 19th century and is currently occupied with a dynamic choice of stores, restaurants, and exhibitions. In great weather, you will discover street artists and buskers wearing shows in the square around the market.


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  • Maymie Brown
    Maymie Brown
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  • Van Ernser
    Van Ernser
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    Ellis Bernhard
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    Stephania Mills
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