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    Hello everyone! I am a single mom and need to move to Boston area this Summer after the school year ends for my son. We live in Saint Simons now about 2 hrs drive away. I work in the medical field and am looking for jobs up in Boston. We also need to find a 2 bedroom apartment in the general area. I was looking at Quincy, Malden, West Roxbury, Weymouth. I do have a car but want a place near the T. How do I choose an apartment and get a job there while working here still until I get that job? Any suggestions on how to make this a smooth transition? And my son is 7 I need a decent school system if possible. I am looking to spend no more than 1300/mo hopefully with ht /hw incl. Anyone? Thanks!

    Check out Arlington. Good school system, T, and tons of nice families.Get the job first, apply come up for intereviews and then when you are hired, you can find an apartment. You will need $$$, you will need about 3 moths's rents to start, first months, last month's and a month's security deposit. You will need money for cable, internet, etc. You will also have to register your car in Massachusetts, which is expensive and so is the car insurance. Save, get the job in Boston and then you will find and apartment. See if you can find last year's copy of Boston Magazine's The Best Schools in Boston" so you can learn about the schools. Check out and find one that has after school care for your son, if you need it. Good Luck

    The commuter rail is in Weymouth, there are also many bus stops to get to the train station in Quincy. Weymouth is pretty good for schools, I went to Weymouth schools since 2th grade. I personally liked Brockton school systems better but that was when I was in 1st grade (like 12 years ago) I would try to find somewhere in Braintree, Quincy, or Boston since there are train stations and bus stops very close by. I would check out the craigslist. Good luck!

    There is often the liberty path it is bearing directly to the yankee Revolution. you could enter Paul River's homestead (he's the guy that went using via city on the hours of darkness warning correct to the British, sorry if I spelt his call incorrect), you could enter previous North Church (the place it grow to be arranged that 2 lanterns could be hung if the British got here via land, 3 if via Sea). additionally in Boston is the Museum of technological know-how-an wonderful place in case you like palms on activities. And the final place is Mike's Pastries save interior the decrease back Bay. ultimate place i've got ever been! you additionally can circulate to Quincy industry, which has a great number of little shops. Salem-the only element i will think of of is the Salem witch trial museum...that is an exceptionally large place to circulate to in case you like studying approximately that form of stuff. Cape Cod-seashores...ive for my section by no potential been there new york city- circulate to THE MUSEUMS! they are large, wonderful locations to circulate to, and don't pay the full value. quite of playing the full, insane fees, purely say you have the desire to make a donation of like 5 dollars and thats all you could desire to pay. universal Park is large too. i wish i've got been some form of help, sorry if i haven't..... have exciting this summer season!

    $ 1300/month should be sufficient. In addition to the communities listed try Watertown, Brookline, Medford, Melrose and some others...

Dollar Drops Today on More Quantitative Easing -- Is this Good?

  • Viviane Erdman
    Viviane Erdman
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  • Ruthe Heller
    Ruthe Heller
  • Casandra Stroman
    Casandra Stroman
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    Stacy Kessler
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    Freddie Rempel
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    Pauline Beahan
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