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    Go back to school. You will really regret it if you don't.

    Search for a paid internship in a field that interests you. When I got sick of school and did not think I could take it any more I spent a semester in the Disney college program. It was on a whim because I had no interest in it really just needed a change. I spent five months in Sandy Springs playing in Disney World (for free) and met people who changed my life forever. It truly motivated me and got me out of my slump. The pay is cheap, but they have living arrangements for you and you get the parks for free like I said. I guess my point is that oppurtunity is all around us, you just have to start searching for it. Look into volunteer organizations as well that can provide you with experience in the field of which you plan to go in to after you go back to school when you can afford it. Just save up money toward that degree, a semester here, a semester there and you will get it done.

    You have no excuse for dropping. You still qualify for loans to help you pay for school. Don't use this as an excuse. Just get some financial aid information from your school and go back next semester. Fill out a FAFSA and get things in gear. Scholarships and grants are also available. Also, check into a community college in your area. This can save thousands of dollars in tuition and fees and you can also live off campus which can also help out.

    Well if you cant afford it, don't feel bad. take some time off and save some money to go back. take out loans? go part time? just don't give up. an education is the worst thing to waste and give up on. and in this age in time a high school degree is meaningless and you need a BS. so good luck and try to get back into school when you are ready and can afford it. you can always go to a city college where the classes are cheaper?

    You'll never be really satisfied unless you've accomplished something like a GED there might be some things that could cheer you up, but those are only temporary USA will be in a recession or i think we are in a recession now, so finding a job will be very difficult, even for college graduates i am not trying to bring your hopes down, but you need to understand the reality of it all however, school is not for everyone there might be a passion that you have that does not need schooling dropping school is not the smartest decision, but i don't know your situation think about what you want to do with your life...if school is not the choice now, that is fine, but you can't just drop it without truly thinking hard about your decision anyways, you can always go back to school, and you pay with your taxes so it practically free if you do decide to graduate from high school and want to further your education, and if you do have a passion you want to take further, there should be trade schools out there that specialize only on the trade, doesn't cost too much compared to universities and colleges, you won't need to go to school too long.... talk to your parents, talk to your teachers, talk to your counselors, talk to someone who looks out for your well-being. someone who wants to help and is willing to understand you and as to cheering you up, you still have your whole life ahead of you, as long as you don't make too many stupid decisions, you'll be happy...(but don't take too long)

    Well whatever the reasons were that caused you to do this, i am obviously unaware of because that would depict the basis of a positive and/or negative outlook on something of this sort. However, not to piss on your parade or anything but dropping out of school is not a wise choice nomatter the circumstances. Yet simply because it is upsetting you shows a view of importance on your education. This will make the world of difference in your future. Continue on but stay busy while working towards a goal of some sort and get back to school as soon as possible. But keep your head up and a smile on your face because education is worth only what you value it as.

    There is no doubt that a high school diploma ( or GED) is very much needed in life but it's not the end of the world if you don't have one. I suggest you do get one or the other but if you truly believe you made the best decision then you must understand, the odds will be stacked against you. My only advice is to work hard at whatever you love and just try your best to be happy. Just keep your faith in whatever it is you believe in. Like I said before, I suggest you get your diploma or your GED, but only you can decide what you think is best.

    You can still go to college!!! I am in college and I get no help from my parents, and I know plenty of others who don't get help either. Just take out loans and try and get grant money too. You can finance your way through college, anyone can. I just don't understand it when people say they can't afford it. However, if you aren't serious about school then that's a different story!

    Theres some really great online schools you should check out. Theyre called "charter schools" i did that because I was doing horrible in Highschool, and you get a diploma, which is great because I didn't want to get into a GED program. Anyways these schools, reimbursed me for internet service, sent me the computer/printer/scanner .. and helped me way much more then regular HS. Look into it. =)

    GED or go back to school. Edit: Try bursaries, scholarships, student loan, jobs, etc I don't know who told you only rich people go to college, cause I certainly ain't rich. You know in your heart of hearts that money isn't what's keeping you from school. Keep your head up.

    Go back to school. you will be glad you did my cousin is 24 he dropped out and he can't even get a job pumping gas.