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    1. I have the money to fly, but I'm stuck w/ a low paying job at the moment, so I may need the extra money in the future 2. 26 hrs. is a long time to drive with 2 children- 3. my daughter's b-day party is scheduled for the day we would need to leave 4. There is going to be a memorial after the funeral for local friends

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Credit score 629, good bad or regular?

  • Jacynthe Schaden
    Jacynthe Schaden
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  • Amalia Schumm
    Amalia Schumm
    629 credit standing
  • Scottie Ziemann
    Scottie Ziemann
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  • Brenna Wuckert
    Brenna Wuckert
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  • Raquel Wisozk
    Raquel Wisozk
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  • Manley Reynolds
    Manley Reynolds
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  • Gunnar Stracke
    Gunnar Stracke
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    Lazaro Littel
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  • Haskell Zieme
    Haskell Zieme
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    Lamar Leannon
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