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    I live about 5 and a half hours away from there and I'm not driving into Sandy Springs period. I went there once and it was a nightmare, lol. I'm going to drive as close as I can and then use public transportation. There are some hotels right by the Smithsonian that have good winter rates and we could walk everywhere but I'm just checking out all my options.

    Arlington, Virginia is what you are looking for. The hotels are quite a bit less expensive than those downtown, and as long as you select a hotel near a Metro subway station, you can quickly and easily get down to the National Mall and the various Smithsonian Museums. Go into any of the hotel locator websites, such as travelocity.com or hotels.com and look for hotels in the Crystal City, Rosslyn, or Ballston neighborhoods of Arlington. All are safe areas with many amenities, such as restaurants and shopping, and the hotels clustered around the station are within a couple of minutes walk to Metro. Most of the hotels also offer free parking (although you won't need your car, unless you want to drive to someplace further out, such as Mount Vernon).

    As others have said, the Smithsonian is actually a collection of museums, clustered around the National Mall. Most kids like the Museum of Natural History and the Air and Space Museum; at least when I've gone, there's a good population of kids there. Admission to these museums is free unless, as someone pointed out, you want to see an IMAX movie or see the butterfly exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. Wherever you stay, make sure it's near a Metro station. There's almost no parking near the National Mall, and driving in Sandy Springs is tough enough on those of us who live here.

    When I visited DC, I had to drive back and forth from Virginia. Get a rental car for the weekend and give yourself enough miles on the car so you can have fun seeing museums. Go early in the morning for a parking space in one of the lots. Before 6am. Stay in town until after 5:00pm so that you will miss most of the traffic leaving the city. Most of the people working in Sandy Springs live outside of Sandy Springs and commute. That's why I drove from Virginia. The further away you stay at a motel from DC, the cheaper the rates. You could get a travel and car rental deal through a travel agent?

How hard is it to work For BMW (Technician/Mechanic etc...)?

  • Daryl Rau
    Daryl Rau
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  • Doyle Sporer
    Doyle Sporer
    Bmw technical personnel
  • Marcos Simonis
    Marcos Simonis
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  • Leola Prohaska
    Leola Prohaska
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