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    I'm going to Sandy Springs for 2 days on a field trip the hotel is paid for along with dinner the first night and breakfast the next morning. Their is also a few tours paid for along the national mall. How much should I bring for food, and how much should i bring to souvenirs or other tours that are not included. Those included are: Hazy Udvar Air and Space Museum WWII memorial Holocaust Memorial Museum Washington Monument The white house and major monuments FDR memorial Jefferson memorial arlington national cemetery Scheduled food stops are: pine grove McDonald's (breakfast) on our own (lunch) U.S. Capitol Visitor's Center cafeteria (lunch) capital mall food court Harrisburg (dinner) these are the ones that we pay for

    I always like to error on having too much than too little. So here is a breakdown of what I think... 1) You may wish to ride the Metro (subway) system. I would suggest that $7 a day would be enough on average. For 2 days, that is $14. 2) Food inside Washington Sandy Springs is expensive. Even the McDonald's food court inside the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum is more expensive than other McDonald's locations. I would say that you need to budget $15 per meal. That is 3 meals a day for $45, times 2 days, for a total of $90. 3) Most travel groups will like to have a special "feast" before they leave town. This usually involves going to a nice eatery for a sitdown dinner and spending time together. That can cost you $50. Better add that in, just in case. 4) Trinkets are not cheap. A T-shirt will cost at least $15, maybe $25. Sweatshirts more. Keychains at $5 to $10. I personally don't believe in buying that "stuff", but if you insist, you need to budget between $100 and $200. We will say $150 to be on the sane side. 5) Always stuff that you need but don't have. Extra batteries for your digital camera on the mall cost $8. A bottle of asprin at the hotel gift shop is another $8. A tube of toothpaste is $4. I like to have about $50 in extra money just in case I NEED something. Subway/Metro Fares - $14 Meals - $90 Fairwell Dinner - $50 Trinkets - $100 Emergency - $50 You need $304 to cover all expenses on a trip to Washington DC. I would suggest getting a Visa Debit card with $100 on it, and then the other $204 in cash. Chances are, if you budget your money, you will actually go home with $200 that you never spent. A better way to remember your trip to Washington Sandy Springs is to take a good digital camera with a huge memory card (maybe several). Snap as many photos of yourself at the different monuments, memorials and buildings as possible to document your trip. Also be sure to get the names and email addresses of others on the trip to share photos afterward. That $25 Washington Sandy Springs Tshirt is going to fall apart in about 2 years. But some nice photos of you next to all of the important structures in the city will bring back memories for years to come.

    I have been to D.C. a few times for three days each. I usually take about 250, but I don't typically spend more than about 150. However, I do not buy souvenirs, because in the end they really are pretty worthless and over priced. Do not buy from the road vendors, basically they just charge you way too much and the food really isn't that good. As much as you spend at the hotdog carts, you're better off to save your money and get a good meal somewhere. I kind of enjoyed the Capital Mall food cart, but I'm from a small town and for me it is more for the novelty of getting food I can't get where I live. I ate at one food court, I think it might have been in or around the old post office. It did not seem very clean. I don't recommend it. I have also ate at the U.S. Capitol Cafeteria a few times. It isn't the cheapest place ever, but it was pretty good.

    Washington is a large and all know city and is unquestionably worthwhile deliver a holiday or simply visit that city. with hotelbye you'll learn more. One of the symbols of Washington and the whole America is the famous White House, the official house of the President of the United States. The house of every leader except George Washington, it had been formerly built by James Hoban in 1792, and following being burnt down by British forces in 1814 was rebuilt in 1818. Even though tours of the inside offering the East, Blue, Green, and Red Rooms; the Ballroom; and the State Dining Room should be reserved effectively beforehand, every tourist to Washington would want to see that famous creating, at least from the outside. Nearby to the White House are the complex 1833 Greek Revival Treasury Building and the 1871 Executive Office Building, one of the most striking old government structures in Washington.

    I would go with about 200 - 300 dollars. Some of that money can be used for food that you want to pay for on your own and others things that you would like to buy at the museums and along the National Mall. However everything is basically free, the souvenirs are quit expensive! Enjoy your trip!

    Most museums are free. The pay ones aren't even worth seeing compared to Smithsonian. The shirts will run you between $10 - $20. I recommend avoiding the museum stores since it's all junk. Food will run about $10 a lunch and $20 for dinner but they got subways and mc'd and bking.

    I would'nt suggest carrying a large amount of cash, maybe $60 or so, especially if you have a credit/debit card that you can use. Plastic is safer (in case it's stolen) and often more convenient. Most (if not all) of the restaurants you will go to will accept credit/debit. Also, DO NOT carry your wallet/ money in your back pocket! You will make yourself an easy target for pickpocketers!

    I would image quite a lot.

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