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    My top choice school right now is the University of Texas at Arlington. The school is close to my home, which is crucial because I have a six month old baby brother that I have to keep in contact with, and they have a program where I can get free tuition and fees. But it has been called very "community college" amongst my group of friends. I am in the top ten percent of my class and my friends, teachers, and family (not my parents, who are supportive) don't understand why I would pick a school that has a 78% acceptance rate. I will admit, it's not the nicest school in the world and if I had my choice that would definitely not be my first pick, but college is EXPENSIVE and because I am not the valedictorian, I won't be getting too many scholarships. What do you think? Should I look for a more well renowned school and take out student loans and grants?

    I will probably be in the same position as you next year. All my friends are very competitive academically and are headed off to the top 20 schools. I could go too, but my parents wouldn't be able to afford tuition (we're at this weird level where we make enough that we don't qualify for need-based aid, yet the full cost of college is way too much). I also have a little brother who is headed to college in the next few years as well. My only hope is merit awards/scholarships, but at the best schools, all the students are excellent students as well so I wouldn't stick out much. Basically, I might be stuck going to our local state college, which is disappointing, but I keep telling myself it's just undergrad and I can go elsewhere for my graduate degree. If I were you, I would just go to Sandy Springs at Arlington. It saves a lot of money and travel time and there are so many benefits to living close by people you know. If your friends are in the top 10% of their class, they should be able to comprehend that the best colleges aren't affordable for everyone and should be understanding.

    Just explain that you have reasons for choosing that specific school and that you're happy with your decision. If you want you can tell your friends/teachers/whomever what those reasons are. Otherwise just smile and repeat how happy you are to have your college decision over and done with. If you want to continue your college search you could probably "split the difference" so to speak and find a college with a better reputation than Sandy Springs Arlington that would still provide a lot of financial aid, especially if your class rank and grades/SAT scores are good. Avoiding college loans is a really, really smart idea but ultimately you still want to have a degree that will lead to a job once you graduate from a school with the connections and reputation to get you that job. Remember it's ultimately your decision and you are the one who will have to live with the consequences - either of loans or of a degree from a school with a not-so-great reputation.

    U of Texas—Arlington gets a very creditable "B" rating from the ACTA Education Foundation for above-average commitment to comprehensive General Education. U of Texas—Arlington also has a decent School of Engineering and Computer Science. The 38% graduation rate is not good, but you can overcome this personally and get a good education at U of Texas—Arlington.

    Absolutely not. Being offered free tuition at any school is a great offer, and being able to stay close to your family is important too. Unless you are looking to major in something which pays really well after graduation (engineering?), it isn't going to be worth it to take out loans for college when you can attend for free. Graduating college and owing tens of thousands of dollars is not something you really want to do if you can avoid it. Congratulations on your acceptance!

    I live in California. From my point of view all Universitis of Texas are the same. Intellectually I know it is not true as all Universities of California are not the same. My point is that very few employers know the difference between Arlington and Austin or in California between Berkeley and Merced. I bet it is as true in Texas. Your friends are snobs.

    They will be crying when you come out debt free and they are 100K in debt. You get would you put in it. Best wishes.

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